On being 5.

I always try and give a little run down on each birthday, so here goes Tobin’s:  His favorite color is yellow, he likes to dress in collared shirts & khaki’s, he can read “sight word books” quite well, not sure how high he can count but it’s pretty high, loves music and to play guitar and drums, he’s our best experimental eater, not sure he could pick a favorite food-but eggs, donuts & ice cream would be right up there, he still likes to be carried around (and I still carry him around-often finding him in my arms not remembering even picking him up), he’s our best smiler, he has a powerful cry and/or scream which he uses when things aren’t going his way with his siblings, likes to talk like Baby Dog, who is his stuffed dog that has everything and can do anything. He likes legos, board games, citiblocs, trucks & cars.  He likes to use big words like apparently and talented.  His favorite show is The Cat in the Hat. He likes his curly hair:)

Happy Birthday Baby!

Our baby is 5!  Wow, when we woke up, Kelly says we don’t have any little ones anymore, strange for us, it’s like we’re in another parenting category with no children under 5.   Its been a long time that I’ve been identifying myself as a mom of little kids.

We got to celebrate Tobin’s birthday on his actual day this year.

His new friend “Fetch”

He wanted a cinnamon spice cake, which I heard was delicious

Lots of family got to share the day

His surprise-Nana Dee came (our former nanny)

Umm, I think he’s done with pictures

Mmmm, fresh tomatoes

We are having a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and for the first time, I was able to grow a variety other than grape.  We have 4 roma plants that did great, I didn’t really intend to plant that many but the only kind the garden center had was a 4 pack.  Anyway, my Mom came over a couple weeks ago and refreshed my memory on how to can them-we got 4 pints.  This time I attempted it myself (it was MUCH easier with my mom!) and got 5 more pints and they all sealed, I was pretty excited:)

And, yesterday Kelly made 4 pints of homemade tomato basil sauce (just love our Vitamix & my husband rocks!) with the latest ripe ones.

Favorite Park

Marian went with me on a photo shoot to my favorite park.  I joke about how every time I go, I see a deer.  This time, it was right as we were pulling into the parking lot.

She was a big help, carrying stuff and helping to make Mckenzie smile & laugh.

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