Dinner time

We gave the kids a cookbook for Christmas (it was an one we already had but they had never seen it!), so the boys each picked out recipes and Daddy helped them make dinner.  Ezra made mac & cheese, had to make a roux and then a béchamel sauce (we had him practice saying those fancy words).

131226_EzraDinner_006 131226_EzraDinner_018


And, Tobin made some good pasta & meatballs

131227_TobinDinner_006 131227_TobinDinner_009 131227_TobinDinner_012 131227_TobinDinner_016 131227_TobinDinner_021

Snowy day

I’m at the end of 2013!  The kids wanted to help shovel the drive, but decided making a giant maze was far more interesting & fun;)


It was perfect snowball making snow, so they built some barricades

131226_SnowPlay_030 131226_SnowPlay_048

And had a major snow ball fight

131226_SnowPlay_053 131226_SnowPlay_054 131226_SnowPlay_056 131226_SnowPlay_057 131226_SnowPlay_059 131226_SnowPlay_078 131226_SnowPlay_085 131226_SnowPlay_093

Mari decided to take her bricks and get closer


And, then came the tackling


And, quite shockingly no one got hurt and no one cried!


Christmas morning, interval shooting mode

Right before Christmas, I read a blog post about the stress of mom-photographers documenting Christmas morning–never being in the pictures and barely feeling part of the action.  They suggested using the interval timer setting–it worked wonderfully.  They aren’t the best technically perfect pictures but we’re all in them and best of all, I got to enjoy watching and participating in the action:)  I set it to take a picture every 30 seconds for about 30 minutes.  I got rid of a lot but I like the feel it gives:)  Here is a sampling

131225_Christmas_195 131225_Christmas_194 131225_Christmas_170 131225_Christmas_165 131225_Christmas_162 131225_Christmas_158 131225_Christmas_154 131225_Christmas_150 131225_Christmas_136

“They are making s’mores in the back yard”

Obviously still from last November.  I come home from a photo shoot one Sunday afternoon and the house is super quiet . . . “Where are the kids” I say to Kelly “They are making s’mores in the back yard”.  Oh, cool, I love s’mores I think to myself, what a cool dad they have.  Then it hits me, um, how are roasting the marshmallows?  He made a fire from our teepee branches in the sandbox!  Now, to his credit, he was in the house for only a minute, not lounging around while his young children were playing with fire.  But, really, I wasn’t prepared for the blaze I saw.  There wasn’t much to fear, it was super hot and they were too afraid to get close to it.  I did however point out the dried up dead weeds that were all over the sandbox, the fact that it hasn’t been used as a sandbox for a couple of years (thus, not much sand), and that the wood frame is pretty dried out!

131116_SandboxFire_001 131116_SandboxFire_004 131116_SandboxFire_009

It’s a pretty big fire, isn’t it!  You all need to understand something about Kelly–he’s rather a boy scout, he can make a good fire and is pretty safe about it, but, he loves fire and he tells stories of nearly setting the woods near his house on fire as a junior high aged kid so I don’t completely trust him.  The best part came when he decided to throw the dead tomato plants on it, there was lots of smoke;) and then we heard a siren. I think he panicked a bit then because he quickly put it out:)

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