Grad Party, minus Mitch

At this point, I am basically doing this for my scrapbook journaling as I’m not sure I have anyone reading this anymore!

Back in August, we went to my nephew Mitch’s graduation party.  It’s about 5 hours away but we couldn’t find a decent hotel at any kind of reasonable rate (some sort of festival going on), so we decided it was just the excuse we needed to buy a tent!

130803_MitchParty_014 130803_MitchParty_024

My sister Tara has a summer party every year (which we’ve never attended) but it was fun to play the games she came up with and see some cousins.

130803_MitchParty_031 130803_MitchParty_065 130803_MitchParty_078 130803_MitchParty_096

Picking out their prizes.  And, sadly, I somehow managed to avoid getting a single picture of Mitch, I know, I’m fired as an event photographer;)130803_MitchParty_106

Tobin, snuggled in & ready for our first night in a tent–it was supposed to get down to a the low 50’s!  We had a great night.  Marian and Issy ended up spending the night in the hotel because Issy got sick as the day went on, poor girl didn’t need to be sick sleeping in a tent:{130803_MitchParty_108

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