Maple syrup anyone?

I have a friend who’s husband has taken up making maple syrup as a hobby, I had planned to take the kids to a park that was offering a tour and it was going to cost $25 for our family to go-this was WAY better, not only was it free but we can home with 4 pints of maple syrup and Andy is a teacher and taught the kids the whole process and let them actually do all of it too.  So fun for them!

Gathering the sap from the trees (he is tapping 6 trees, 2 are his and the rest are neighbors)

130402_SugarMapling_016 130402_SugarMapling_034

Pouring the sap into his big propane heated heating thing (no idea what this is called)


dripping the cold sap to the bottom, heated sap


He does the final heating inside, needs to get to 200 degrees

And, then, pour it into the jars.



After taking part in this process, I understand why real maple syrup is so expensive!


The kids learned a ton and we’re going to be tapping our maple next year for Andy!

Museum Trip

We had a fun museum trip with Kathie & Karey (Kelly’s cousins) and their kids, and Aunt Faye & Uncle Al.  Since we didn’t get to see them for Easter, we planned a trip on Tuesday while they were still in town.

All the kids . . .


This was super fun, the tour leader line the kids all up on an assembly line, giving them each a job in assembling a car, while Kathie turned the crank to keep the conveyor belt moving.  They learned about the first assembly lines and had some pressure to keep up their part of the job.


They had this car exhibit that allowed them to work on a car, change the tires, the oil, check some gauges and the spark plugs:)


We’re watching and suddenly, Tobin’s head pops up through the engine!


They got to make cars from knex and then race them

130402_MuseumVisit_066 130402_MuseumVisit_074

And, build paper airplanes, Uncle Al helped Ezra:)


And, a snack:)

130402_MuseumVisit_094 130402_MuseumVisit_099

We had a fun time!


Little gardeners

More seeds to plant with the “Veggie Tale” planter kits that we hid on Easter morning.  Ezra has Bob (tomato seeds), Tobin with Larry (cucumbers) and Mari has some flowers.  They are having great fun watching & waiting.  All have sprouted at this point:)

130401_SeedPlanting_001 130401_SeedPlanting_004 130401_SeedPlanting_005

Celebrating Easter

We spent Easter weekend with my parents, we hid our resurrection eggs, some chocolate eggs and some seed kits for them to find in the morning.


130331_Easter_027 130331_Easter_031

They told Grandma & Grandpa the Easter story with the resurrection eggs (LOVE those!)


Later on, my brother came over with his 2 little ones.  Ezra was very helpful showing Dakota where some eggs were 

130331_Easter_065 130331_Easter_121130331_Easter_069

130331_Easter_082 130331_Easter_091 

Doesn’t Ezra look soooo old in this picture!

130331_Easter_108 130331_Easter_127 Checking out their treats-thanks for packing the eggs Trish!130331_Easter_129

Can’t believe how big Caleb is now!



Marian (aka Mari) @ eleven


Marian is very smart, very literal & very set in her ways.  She is a joy and a challenge all rolled into a sweet, confident, loyal girl.

Some of her favorite things are . . . dolphins, climbing, swimming, singing, ice cream, watermelon, green beans, tator tots & steak, Wild Kratts, Dolphin Tale, card games, reading, Into the Blue (dolphin book), Anne of Green Gables, Narnia, butterfly hunting, bike riding, cheese pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches & Kraft mac & cheese (none of which we’re eating much of these days!).

Some of my favorite things about Marian . . . she’s studying Genesis with me and is really getting lots of it, she is not a “drama” girl like so many her age, she still loves little girl things like Littlest Pet Shop, she loves only “Jesus” music, she has a great imagination and uses it when playing with Playmobile, trains & Citiblocs, her voice is sweet, beautiful and innocent, she could care less about the latest fashions, she loves discovering nature, and she has an amazing sense of right & wrong.  Oh, and she is now enjoying scrapbooking too:)

We love you so much Marian!


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