A day trip. A day long vacation. a vacation that only lasts one day. Taking only one day off from work.  Kelly was hoping he made the word up, but there it was online in the Urban Dictionary.

The kids had last Thursday off so Kelly took the day off also and we left the state!  Just barely, but it counts.  We hit a fossil park and a zoo.

The fossil park was very cool.  There is a quarry and they bring in big piles of shale and you dig through it (with your hands), clean it with a brush and find fossils.  No dinosaurs, it was a river bottom, so small bugs, plants.  I should have taken a picture of some of the ones we found-maybe later.


Then to lunch and the zoo

What a gorgeous October day!

Oh, what a lovely day

Today was one of those days that I was running in many directions-from one thing to the next and each time I passed through the outdoors, I was blessed.  The best part, we got to end the day with a photo shoot of my sweet friend Becky’s incredibly gorgeous 1 year old boy outdoors at the park.  You can check my site in about a week for those shots but here are some of the kids

And, maybe one of my most favorite pictures ever, will definitely be framed someplace in the house, umm but now noticing the electric wires-will be cropping those out first!


We headed to a corn maze today (yes, today!) to meet Trish and family (minus Brady-we missed you B!).  We split up girls v boys to make it a little more interesting.  About 45 minutes into it, after asking for help 3 times from the same tower watcher-who was about 10 years old and laughing at us, Trish says “next time I want to be on Kelly’s team.  It was super hard and we ended up so lost and in circles that we had to cheat and take the shortcut.  The boys were waiting and laughing and eating donuts when we finally escaped!

Yippee ki yay

Marian & I went horseback riding this afternoon (yes, you read that right-this afternoon, I’m caught up!)

I’m sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow, my knees were quite strained but it was really fun and Marian loved it.  The boys went to visit a farm and we got to check off another state park on our list:)

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