Bird observatory, with guest photographers

After the bird feeders went up, the kids built a bird observatory in the living room, they put a quilt over 2 chairs and took the cushions from the couch and put them in front so there was just a 12 inch gap to view through, perfect for the kids (it hurt my neck though!).  They put the camera, the bird guide book and a spotting scope in there:)

These are pictures they took . . .

their point of view . . .

130412_BirdObservatory_001 130413_BirdObservatory_020

a female cardinal


bird in flight

130413_BirdObservatory_048 130413_BirdObservatory_050

another view


inside the observatory

130415_BirdObservatory_071 130415_BirdObservatory_072

they eventually got bored and i got my couch back, but did have to host some prayer meetings in another room for a couple weeks;)

Family Fun Day

It’s embarrassing how far behind I am again . . .  this was back in April.

Ezra & Tobin both competed in a small free throw shooting contest for charity.  They both came in 2nd place and got trophies and a bunch of other give-away prizes. \

Tobin looks pretty good (he made that shot).



Ezra’s age group had to use the full height net but adjusted well



And, this is the picture I get because Tobin wouldn’t cooperate



And, they all made bird feeders at Home Depot, fun stuff:)


State Park visiting

Sadly, this is from spring break 7 weeks ago.  We had planned an overnight trip not far to tackle 4 state parks but plan A didn’t work, and then plan B & C also didn’t work so we ended up staying home and hitting 3 close by ones.

130404_StateParkVisits_027  130405_StateParkVisit_037  130405_StateParkVisit_027

We got to do some bird watching


And, a snake-I’m pretty much horribly scared of snakes, it’s hard for me to even look at this picture right now.  Kelly had the camera at this point and I didn’t even see it.


130404_StateParkVisits_354 130404_StateParkVisits_318 130404_StateParkVisits_314

Stopped in town for a malt


And, then on to another state park, where we decided to start doing “Letter-boxing”, it’s sort of like a geo-chaching with clues, there are “boxes” hidden all over the country, and lots by us to choose from.

Reading the clues . . .


Searching . . .


Digging . . . (nope, wrong spot)


Found it!


We stamped their stamp in our journal and stamp our stamp in their journal


130404_StateParkVisits_281 130404_StateParkVisits_275


What am I watching?


It’s actually not over the water, but it makes for a dynamic picture doesn’t it . . .

130404_StateParkVisits_245130404_StateParkVisits_242 130404_StateParkVisits_218

Tobin & Ezra playing or fighting?


Tobin mad about something?


Tobin trying not to laugh or smile at my attempt to cheer him up



Counting the rings to see how old the tree was, I can’t remember but old



We were super excited & surprised to see our first butterfly of the season!  A Mourning Cloak.


And, seriously, another snake!  This one I spotted first.


Just playing

Had some friends over last week, it’s fun to see how they haven’t seen each other since last summer and can just start playing . . .

130403_JanePatrickMatthewPlay_010 130403_JanePatrickMatthewPlay_017

especially Marian & Jane, the really have only seen each other 10-20 times ever but have bonded over VBS weeks & MOPS park days:)130403_JanePatrickMatthewPlay_023

And, seriously, can you believe this kids eye lashes!

130403_JanePatrickMatthewPlay_033 130403_JanePatrickMatthewPlay_042

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