Our weekend away

(At the beginning of August) Mari was at Camp and Trisha offered to watch the boys so we could go up there and hang out for a couple days before we picked her up.  Thank you to Aunt Faye & Uncle Al for letting us stay in their condo for 2 days:)

We had a great time visiting the places we never see when we’re up there for Camp, because we never want to leave Camp;)

Found a nice little restaurant that had gluten free pizza-it was yummy!

And, we watched the sunset, Kelly was a good sport about my efforts to get this picture . . .

I was running back & forth from the tripod, must have taken 50 pictures, not exactly romantic but I can’t sit still anyway.

I decided this would be funny, had to hike my jean skirt up to get my leg up and kept tipping, don’t tell me if you don’t recognize this because it will just remind me how old we are!

We had a wonderful time golfing, watching some Olympics, hanging out, and reconnecting.

Neighborhood badminton

I got a badminton set for Mother’s Day, I LOVE badminton and it’s been fun watching the kids get the hang of it this year.  The neighbor girls were over all summer playing soccer, badminton, kickball, baseball and just last week they were playing flag football (there is room in both our front yards for some quick games).  It makes me happy to see kids outside playing!

Under the lights

Mari had her last softball game under the big lights, which in all honesty I thought was a bit overkill for a league that doesn’t keep score and outs don’t count, I won’t go off about that now;), but they had a good time.  Softball was fun for her, but her real love continues to be swimming.

League Meet

Again, way back in July (is the end of July though!), Marian had her swim “league meet” for our swim club’s swim team.  We had only lost 1 meet during the season so were the clear favorites, but when they announced the score at the end of the LONG day, Marian screamed and cheered because we won by a lot:)  Marian swam really hard this year and took some lessons to improve her stroke, she improved her times by quite a bit and earned a spot on the C relay team which earned an 11th place ribbon, can’t believe I don’t have a picture of it!

Marian & Issy watching some of the other events

This is what it looks like . . .

And, my favorite shot of her during warm-ups:)

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