Another fabulous fall day

This particular day was a whirlwind, had a newborn shoot in the afternoon, ran to meet Kelly to leave me the kids (so he could go to basketball) to run to a quick impromptu shoot with my friend Joelle’s kids, see my 6 little feet website for those.  I told her if she could meet me at the park, go on a hike with me & the kids, i’d take some quick pix of her kids-they turned out beautifully.  It was then 6:00 and the kids hadn’t had dinner yet (very late for us!), so we stopped and got a pizza and ate at the park.  It was too beautiful to be inside, we really are having a wonderful fall.

his other tooth really needs to come out!

An all sports day

Well, behind again!  This was a week and a half ago.  Ezra had a soccer game and then we headed off to our nephews varsity football game, he lives almost 5 hours away so his family wasn’t going to be there and I happen to love watching high school football.

It was really hot, so the kids spent much of the time watching from under the bleachers on a big track pad:)

God knew exactly what I needed

My friend Jackie asked me to watch her son Tyler (18 months) last Friday so she could go to her other son’s field trip and then out to lunch with some college friends.  I said yes but have to be honest that I was horribly conflicted-he is so sweet and I wanted to help but I have a to-do list that is a mile long and it’s been so nice who wants to be inside cleaning, doing laundry or processing the 2000 pictures I need to get through.  You all know that there would be nothing accomplished with an 18 month old in the house but as is ALWAYS the case, when we are obedient, God has blessings in store:)  As we walked around the block in the glorious sunshine with the leaves crunching beneath our feet and Tyler looking up and grinning at me every once in awhile, I realized this is exactly what I needed today-to stop, be still (sort of), and rest.

I was pretty sure Jackie purposely put him in this adorable outfit so he got his own little photo shoot as well:)

Is that not the sweetest face!

And, the best part, when Jackie got back she said she had the best day-all part of His perfect plan:)

For we know that in all things He works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

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