I guess you’re wondering why Tobin’s curls had to be cut.  We got a call from the school 2 weeks ago-yes, the dreaded head lice call.  Ugghhhh, I honestly can’t believe we have escaped it this long.  And, I’ve decided that one of the reasons it spreads so rapidly is the shame we feel as moms about it-so, I’m on a quest to dispel the shame.  I am Trenda, and my family had head lice;)

Kelly & I feel like resident experts on these critters, we even got Marian’s microscope out to look at them-we tried to make it as light hearted as we could.  So, here are a few facts to share:

  • they like clean hair
  • they attack all socio-economic levels
  • they don’t really harm us at all-except for the annoying itching I guess
  • 30 minutes in a high heat dryer kills them and their eggs-and there are lots of other ways
  • it’s pretty easy to kill the bugs, getting all their eggs is the part that takes time, follow-up & diligence
  • we know a lot about them and when you’re trying to rid yourself of them, knowledge is power!
  • you don’t need to buy the super toxic stuff at the drug store to kill them
  • if you get it, tell everyone so they can be checking their kids too, you don’t want to give it to someone else and then get it right back from them!
I thank God that His hand was mercifully on us, and our case was caught early I believe so it actually hasn’t been awful, there is a wonderful local place whose entire business is checking and treating head lice.  They can give you a wonderful peace of mind, they aren’t cheap though.
So, who has an itchy head?  Probably everyone reading right now;)
So, if you find yourself with these dreaded creatures, just give me a call, between me and all my friends who have had it, we are a wealth of knowledge.
Treatment #1 (Marian was after the boys):
Follow-up treatment #2 (SUPER important!):
We were happy to do the follow-up treatment a week later and find nothing at all:)  It’s still active at their school so we’re still checking but for now, we’ve rid ourselves of these little pests.

Sally visits

My friend Sally spent the night a couple weeks ago to come to my Thirty-one home party.  I’ve known her since birth, and she’s one of my biggest blog fans:)  She also happens to be super fun, the kids loved having her join our Saturday morning fun.  Thanks for coming Sal and you’re welcome any time!

It makes me happy . . .

It makes me happy to have kids playing in our backyard, here a whole batch of them from 3 other families playing an impromptu game of soccer-something that doesn’t happen nearly often enough in our over-scheduled lives

Oh, and a bonus picture of Tobin in Marian’s lady bug costume and the last picture you’ll see of his curls:(

Rip and Roll

Trying to instill some “service” spirit into the kids and showing them that the world really doesn’t revolve around them and that even at their young ages, God has plans for them:)  Our church has this ministry called Rip & Roll, we rip old sheets into 3-4 inch strips, sew them together to make a “bandage” 15-20 feet long, roll them, and when our tub is full we ship them to hospitals in Congo.

Marian LOVED it and got the hang of the roller quickly

And, I used a sewing machine for the first time since I was 12 (not a successful endeavor back them!),  Thanks to Sandy, my MIL for setting me up and showing me how to use it (she’s rather a pro:)

Interested?  Come join us on the 2nd Friday night of each month!

Rejoicing for this Mom (and his Sunday School teacher)

Last week I asked Tobin to go brush his teeth and he says to me “Mommy, I’d rather do the dishwasher”, “you want to empty out the dishwasher?”, “yes, we learned in Sunday School that were supposed to do things without being asked”, “Wow, ok, go right ahead!”

I shared this with Kris, our Childrens Ministry Director and she rejoiced with me!  It takes a village sisters:)

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