Tree Swing

So I look out in my front yard and see this . . .


I think to myself that it was up last night when I came home so Kelly must have tied it for them and think it’s sturdy enough, I give him a call and he walked me through all the same concerns I had — rope not tied tight enough, bucket not strong enough branch breaking . . . but because I’m such a fun mom, and because we really like it when the kids create, we decide that even if they fall, it’s not too far.

Boy did they LOVE it . . .


Ezra’s ride was not quite as fun, Tobin couldn’t get him going as fast


Side note:  when Kelly came home and saw the twisting, spinning, & swinging going on, he was a bit more concerned.  Apparently, they got bored with just swinging like they were doing the night before with Kelly home:)  No one was hurt and the swing held up.  Oh, and as it turns out, Tobin tied the knots, according to Ezra, Tobin has to because he is way better at knot tying;), Kelly is proud!

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