Farmer’s market

I called Kelly after a Saturday morning shoot and he was just raving about this farm market he took the kids to, it was so good, I needed to come.

I can’t say that I normally bring my camera to the market, but I had it with me the the produce was just incredibly beautiful:)

120818_FarmerMarket_001 - Copy 120818_FarmerMarket_005 - Copy 120818_FarmerMarket_006 - Copy

Doesn’t this make you want summer back right now!

120818_FarmerMarket_010 - Copy 120818_FarmerMarket_012 - Copy

The kids weren’t quite as enamored as we were;)

120818_FarmerMarket_013 - Copy

Impromptu baseball

Not sure how this happened but Caleb (our neighbor) was over and Norma came by to drop off some goodies, she does this a lot but usually we’re not home.  We started talking and her Caleb got out of the car, they played badminton in the front for a bit and next thing you know they were in the backyard with a baseball game going (actually whiffle ball which Caleb’s dad taught Ezra & Tobin to play-not our neighbor Caleb our “camp” friends Caleb).120817_BackyardBaseball_009

I loved it, and wish it happened more often!


On location

I was doing a shoot for my friend Monica (the one who got my business started!), we combined a visit with the kids-they are close in age.  After the shoot we went on a hike (to get some shots deeper in the woods that I never get to take with clients because it’s too far).

Ez & Nolan got pretty far ahead of us throwing the football around


The funniest part, we got to the bridge and there were the boys waiting for us.  I said “good, I wanted to get a couple shots here”.  I hear Ezra say to Nolan “I told you she was going to want pictures here”. Oh, we laughed:)


just the boys





and just the girls



Seems nice of my kids to wear blue to coordinate with them;)


Just in case you think I’m completely ridiculous, it wasn’t on purpose!


Ezra day

Way back in the summer, we celebrate a special day for each child before they head back to school (thanks to Mary for this idea many years ago).

First up was Ezra . . .

We started out with some twister


made a crown and had pizza for lunch


had to have some sports-volleyball & badminton


and, then to the pool for a swim and ice cream treat


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