Dakota’s baptism

My youngest nephew Dakota was baptized a couple weeks ago and I have the honor of being his Godmother.  As I held him during the service, tears filled my eyes as I prayed that he would know Jesus as I do and that I would do everything I could to see that happen.  A note about baptism, we didn’t “baptize” our kids but chose “dedication” instead, the bottom line is that sprinkling or dunking doesn’t guarantee a space in heaven, only a willful decision to believe and receive in the saving power of Jesus does.  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life–John 3:16.  So, the best part of the day for me came later when Dakota’s parents (my brother, Michael & Renee) decided to make that decision to receive His forgiveness and that space in heaven.

Isn’t he sweet . . .

the parents & grandparents

and, also present was my “great nephew” Jesse (my nephew Justin’s son)

A little rock climbing

Boy did we go on a lot of hikes this fall!  This was a place near my parents house that I went to once as a kid, it’s like mountain faces in the middle of no mountains.  Trisha, Noelle, & Troy met us there.

Check out the real climbers (with gear) in the background!

I did not get a picture of Ezra & I climbing up a rock face that Kelly & Trisha told Marian & Troy they couldn’t climb (too dangerous), I thought it looked easy enough and we were way behind the others.  It was straight up but with really easy holds.  I got scolded at the top for allowing it but boy was Ezra proud.  In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

Our chickadee hike

We went on another fall hike and this time got to feed chickadees-it was really cool. My friend Megan and her gang came along and when her mother found out where we were going, she sent bird seed with us, we’re so glad she did.  I, of course, did not feed any-not because I wanted to take pictures but because I have issues with birds and having one land on my hand and peck-seriously, not for me!  Ezra did it one time, flinched and decided it wasn’t for him either.  Tobin wasn’t really into it and can’t hold still long enough anyway.  Marian, the most “skiddish” of our children LOVED it-strange how her brain works:)

Perfect form . . .

waiting . . .

waiting  . . .

finally  . . .

love this backlit shots

not sure what the girls were all talking about, but looked too cute

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