Clangy dryer noises

Mom stuff: Something I forgot to mention yesterday.  Kelly was hearing all the clanging noises coming from the dryer and wanted to know what I had in there.  I told him it was Tobin’s clothes.  You know the sound: onesie snaps, overall straps, lots of small clothes making lots of clanging noise. In fact, if you remember back to that newborn stage you’ll remember how loud the dryer was then. So, I guess you know how old your kids are by how much noise their clothes make in the dryer! Of course, as I had this great epiphany I got a bit nastalgic, not sad really, just made me think about how quickly they really do grow up.  Another example of God showing me a “joy in the moment”.

Three kids napping

Well, all three kids took a nap today — at the same time!  That might not be big news in your house but in ours it has NEVER happened. Mari had been running a fever since yesterday which is why she napped, the boys are both pretty good nappers — a fact that I don’t take for granted because Mari was not (quite bad actually!).  So, we had a peaceful hour & half:)

 Mom stuff: We were supposed to have date night tonight but had to cancel because Mari was sick.  We have been doing a once/month date night swap with our friends Mark & Mary for 5 years now. It started when we both just had 1, now there are 6 between us and there were times when it was harder than others but it has always worked out. We have hardly ever had to cancel because of sick kids-a special blessing from God I’m sure!  Here’s how it works: each month one of us gets a date, the date starts around 5ish and the “datee” couple (the couple getting to go out on the date) prepare a meal for the other (and their family).  The “sitters” (the couple providing the babysitting) stay at the “datee’s” house until bedtime when the “sitter” husband take their own kids home to put to bed.  The “sitter” wife stays with the “datee’s” kids, puts them to bed and hangs out until the “datee’s” get home, generally between 9:30-10:00–I know, we’re such party animals. The cool thing is that no one’s kids are out late, bedtime is still the same and the “datee’s” get to come home with their kids already put to bed. It’s free and worth the effort, you all might want to give it a try:)

Something to Share

The 3 Precious OnesI wanted to share something God has been showing me.  When I was a mom of one child, I literally felt like some of the “bad” stages would never end (sleepless nights, eating strikes, endless crying, etc.).  I know some of you can relate to this!  When we had number two and especially number three, I was better able to see it for what it was–a stage that would pass. So, now whenever I start feeling a bit overwhelmed with these three small people, I can remind myself that this too shall pass (and often too quickly!).  Anyway, I was thinking about this and how much easier it is for me to see the “joy” in the whole big picture of motherhood but where I still frequently fall short is seeing the “joy” in the moments because we all know that some moments can be trying, stressful and just downright claustraphobic (that’s the best way for me to describe it).  So, about a week ago I started praying that God would help me see the “joy” in the  moments–and He did!  It’s been amazing, and it’s not like these are new moments but God is showing them to me in a whole new light.  Ezra was sitting on my lap and I was resting my chin on his head, Mari telling me that when she grew up she wanted to live in the same town as me–probably the same neighborhood, and Tobin today crying for no apparent reason until I picked him up and then being so content just to be held for awhile.  There have been lots more and I’m finding myself more & more grateful for all that I have! 

 I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite verses:  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.–Psalm 118:24

The perfect sledding day

p1275200.jpg We took Hines drive home from church today and saw a bunch of kids sledding. Mari, of course, was quite interested and wanted to know if we could go sledding sometime, I said sure. I believe she sensed a lack of commitment on my part and so proceeded with “this year?”, and then I said sure again, she followed that up with “can we go tomorrow?” to which I had to say no because it’s a school day and it just wouldn’t work out. She was really fine with that but then I started thinking about what a perfect day it would be to go so I called our friends & neighbors and Mari’s best friend Issy to see if she could join us. We worked it out and picked her up an hour later and had a really fun time. Kelly hasn’t felt well for a couple days (MSG problems we think), so it was nice for him to have some quiet time while the boys napped. They are sharing a room now and he had to go in there after an hour because they were whooping it up still (it’s pretty cute to listen to them actually), but then they didn’t take a long enough nap and were a bit crabby when they got up.

Mari & IssyMom tip: If you’re faced with a tired/sick husband and boys being grumpy from too short of naps and thinking about the next 3 hours with a little hesitation, call your in-laws and ask them to go out to dinner to kill some time. Trust me, everyone will be happier and they’ll probably even help you put the kids to bed:)

PS The rice cleaned up great today!

Two pages complete

The kids are sleeping and Kelly is at a church meeting so had some time to complete 2 pages, so thought i would share.  Both are from pictures taken last fall. Thank my mother-in-law Sandy for the idea to create a kite for the page, since the pictures didn’t show it. 

My Fabulous Boys     Kite Flying Fun

Now for some “mom” stuff.  We had chinese for dinner tonight which our kids surprisingly all like, we prefer to go to the restaurant as it makes quite a mess, but tonight we brought it home, so here’s a tip:  rice cleans up off the floor much, much easier the next day!

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