Disappear into the New Year

The kids worked on a magic show, they even made tickets . . .


And, set up a stage with a poster


Marian created a top hat and used a pool stick as her wand


She pulled a rabbit out of a hat


The show culminated with Ezra disappearing

130101_MagicShow_017 130101_MagicShow_019

And, Tobin reappearing in his place, it was quite funny, Tobin acted surprised to appear and said “what happened I was just playing in my room”



They had a lot of fun with it, and actually did quite a good job!

Happy New Year!

Low key New Years again this year:)  They wanted to stay up until midnight soooo bad, but I knew I wouldn’t make it.  Ezra & Marian stayed up reading in her bedroom until 10:15, Tobin was smart enough to go to bed at his normal time.

Kelly bought those popper things, they were fun and that was pretty much the extent of our celebrating!





They want a dog

130104_ChrismtasVacation_1066 130104_ChrismtasVacation_1065 130104_ChrismtasVacation_1064

They are trying to convince me that they are responsible enough to take care of a dog.  Marian has even been making her bed and coming out dressed for the day nearly every day for the past 6 weeks!  I’m still not convinced I want to be responsible enough;)


Christmas Vacation

So, if you didn’t know it, I had surgery in December, all recovered now but was laying low for several weeks.  My mom & dad (in Arizona) had my in-laws get me flowers (aren’t they pretty!).  My mom felt bad for not being here-I convinced her that Kelly would take good care of me, and he took wonderful care of me🙂


I think we put 5 jigsaw puzzles together!



We were lucky enough to get fresh snow so the kids played outside for several days


building forts & tunnels



This was quite funny to watch, the boys decided to take the sled down the slide, Ezra must have tried it 25 times . . .




it never worked!


And, our big project . . . about 5 years ago, Kelly & I stumbled upon a giant tote of Legos at a garage sale, it was probably over $1000 worth for $40 so we bought it for a future gift.  It sat in the basement for a couple years and last year we finally gave it to them for Christmas.  It was great fun for a short time, made a gigantic mess and i was ready to put it away.  It is really too much, we had the instruction guides but everything was all mixed together.  So, Kelly decided it might be easier to sort it and then they would be able to actually build some things.



It took us several days but we finally had it all sorted by color and/or theme.  We now have it in separate bins and it will hopefully get more play time!


As part of the recovery process, I needed a nap every day, I was just really tired.  One day, Caleb & Issy came over in the afternoon, everyone was playing well and I was just suddenly wore out.  I told Caleb (he’s 12) he was in charge and let them play Wii-I couldn’t even wait 30 minutes for Kelly to get home!  Kelly found them like this;)


They also painted 2 years worth of our photo Christmas ornaments that we do every year (we missed last years!)



130103_ChrismtasVacation_1047 130103_ChrismtasVacation_1053

On one of the days, Evan & Jessica (my niece and nephew) came to watch the kids while I was at my follow-up doctor appointment, I came home to this:)  I think they’ll want Evan to come babysit all the time!  Jessica did assure me that they played other games too:)


Christmas Presents

New sleds


and fresh snow! Awesome, off to the sled hill a couple houses away:)


The boys spent lots of time working on their new legos from Grandma & Grandpa K, this airport had 703 pieces, Tobin finished his part and had all these leftovers pieces, hmmm?



Kelly started helping at some point, there was a bit of frustration with the missing pieces

121227_SnowChristmasPresents_055 121227_SnowChristmasPresents_089

Marian joined in the fun, they were making up destinations to someplace


Tobin was really quiet in the family room after dinner (with Dick & Sandy), and he brings out the Tennessee Time Waster (he did a perfect job!)


It’s one of the projects in the Lego “contraption kit” he got, we couldn’t figure out why it was called that until we stared at it going around in circles for a LONG time!

And, Grandma helped Marian do her dolls hair.


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