Seriously . . . 23 minutes!

Ezra & I decided to run a charity 5k for a pregnancy resource center.  Ezra has been running all year at school, 180 miles since October, he can run 2 miles in 20 minutes during recess so we knew he could do 2 miles but not sure how he would do with 3.1.  He wanted to run it at his pace, which happens to be way faster than mine (I was doing sprint interval training getting ready for softball).  We had a friend lined up to run with him but in the end there was a trail that Kelly, Marian & Tobin were able to follow along on their bikes.  He took off at the start and never slowed down . . . and finished it in 23 minutes flat!  Wow, we couldn’t believe it.  I finished 10 minutes later and asked him if he was tired at all?  His response “In the end, it felt like my legs were running for me”–again, wow, runner’s high and he’s only 8!

He ended up finishing 4th overall, we was pretty excited:)

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This 14 year old girl and Ezra were passing each other back and forth, we think that was all he needed to keep going;)


New garden

Kelly built me a new raised garden bed, we planted tomatoes, red peppers & carrots in it.  The tomatoes are looking a little sorry right now but some of the peppers are looking huge, waiting for them to turn red and the carrots look great!


I also decided to try broccoli this year, after a run in with some bunnies, we fenced it off and had 2 meals with it this week, it was delicious.  I think we’ll get a couple more meals from it too, it’s supposed to keep sending out new growth into the fall so we’ll see how we do with it.


And a cardinal that Marian was very excited to see on one of the kids’ bird feeders:)


Clowning around

A woman at our church asked Marian to sing at a nursing home, as part of the show the clowns would be putting on.  And since she can make animal balloons, her and the boys made them and handed them out to the residents, she had to make sure each person had one.  We were really proud of how she went right up to these older people to ask them what kind of animal they wanted.


Her & Nicole closed by singing Amazing Grace


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