I love you

The boys were gone again this morning and much of this afternoon.  When Tobin was sitting on my lap, I said “boy, Tobin, I’ve missed you”, he replies “Well, when you’re missing me you can just get the card I gave you (from yesterday’s visit with Grandma) and it will remind you of how much I love you”.  Seriously, what 4 year old boy talks that way.

He knows how to win friends and influence people!  I suppose that’s why I’m still carrying him around the house though he’s getting a little big for it:)

Marian Mommy Day

The boys went to a hockey game on Saturday afternoon, well, it was decided that Tobin would rather spend the afternoon with Grandma having her undivided attention.  Ez, Kelly & Grandpa went to a hockey game that Kelly’s cousin’s son was playing in (quite a few relatives that Kelly hasn’t seen in a long time). They all had fun, and everyone got some one-on-one time.  That left me & pox girl home alone for the entire afternoon.  We made a list of all the fun things to do and prioritized them, I know what you’re thinking!

We made friendship bracelets for each other

watched Little House & ate popcorn

Painted her nails

Did some homework

Ate some ice cream

Put a puzzle together

Played a game of Blokus (love this game-I won yesterday but we played again today and she beat me)

We had a fun, relaxing, no boys around day!

Last day

Amidst chicken pox & the blizzard of the century (not), I had my last day of work.  It was a snow day for many, Kelly’s company was closed.  But, in 21 years of employment, I’ve never seen them close our office and they didn’t this time either.  It was fairly uneventful, cleaned up my desk, answered some remaining questions, passed on some project information.  Everyone asked if I was sad and I really wasn’t, I’m not much of a cryer to begin with so it didn’t surprise me.  And, I have quite a few photo clients there so I know that I’ll be back in the office dropping off pictures & such so that makes it easier.

I had kept an “Accomplishment” folder over the years and while I didn’t want to keep any of it, I decided it would be good to take one more trip down memory lane-21 years worth of stuff. I came across a most hilarious training piece that I did about 20 years ago.  As a set-up, I had been using a Mac (in the computer lab-NOBODY had their own) at college and when I started working at V we all had mainframe computers with no flexibility.  There was a very basic word processing program and a basic spreadsheet program, that’s it.  After seriously drawing graphs with a t-square and a ruler, I begged them to get a Mac-the papers/reports I was producing in college were more professional looking than the reports we were giving to clients.  They finally caved and we had 1 Mac in our department, I believe I was the the only one who knew how to use it so I put together some training.  The picture is the first half of the first page (I, of course, don’t have this electronically because it was probably saved on a floppy)  . . .

I hope you can read it, it made me laugh SOOOO hard!  My favorite line is the * Remember, it takes a steady hand to control the mouse, but with a little practice you will master it in no time.

It makes me feel horribly old but it is pretty funny when I think about how things have changed in 20 years!  When I started I wore pantyhose and suits/dresses & pumps every day, we didn’t have voice mail, we had a phone buddy that we must forward to every time we left our desk and you got a paper message when you got back.  A few sales people did have car phones.  There was no email, no sending attachments, no internet, we did research at the library and in journals, reports had to be overnighted or faxed (which was dreaded because you had to stand there and watch it go through and feed through multiple pages one at a time (about a minute a page).  The thing that hasn’t changed-I worked for 21 years with amazing people who are like family and some of my best friends and I’ll miss that!  I came to know Jesus through someone at work (dear patient Anita) and I’ve shared Jesus with lots of people along the way.  I was always known as a problem-solving, get things done, straight shooting, persuasive employee and I hope many will remember my witness and commitment to Christ.

As I’m writing this it’s Sunday night and I keep thinking about how I’m not going to work tomorrow.  I’m ok with that:)


As I alluded to in our last post, we’ve had chicken pox here.  Tobin got a super mild case of them, maybe 12 spots and never acted a bit sick.  Marian got a moderate to mild case, I read that the average number of spots is 200, she had less than that and they didn’t bother her that much.  But, she had a pretty high fever for a couple days and she was achy & horribly congested, blowing her nose like 300 times a day!  I almost wonder if she has a cold on top of it, but also read that “flu-like symptoms” are common.  She has been sleeping in, until 8:45 one day (a record for her I do believe-which she is breaking right now as it’s 9:12am and she’s still not up!). Ezra (Mr. Super Immune) didn’t get anything-probably to come though.

We’ve been doing crafts, watching TV, playing Wii, reading & watching Little House, playing games, doing school work (I was glad for the snow day so she’s actually only missed 4 days of school, and the day we saw the first symptom was a Friday and a Teacher Work Day).

It hasn’t been bad really, my friend made a “tincture” for me that included some herbs that help the spots not be so bad-I’d have to say that worked because she barely complained about them at all.  We’re also grateful that she didn’t get many on her face and none in her mouth/throat:)

Making a friendship bracelet (a Christmas present from Grandma & Grandpa K)

Stopping at the McDonalds drive-through for an ice cream after dropping Ez off at school was a special treat.  Our neighbor Sue was nice enough to come over and stay with Marian when she was sicker and didn’t want to leave the house to take Ez to school (just love Sue).

She’s quite perky now, just waiting for the spots to “crust over” (gross I know and I also won’t be posting any pictures of her spots, it’s been like watching a science experiment!)

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