Operation Christmas Child

We participated in Operation Christmas Child ( http://www.samaritanspurse.org/ ) again this year-they each picked out things for a child their age.  We take money out of our Christmas budget with the attempt to teach them a bit about sacrificial giving and how this may very well be the only Christmas present these children ever receive (a humbling thought).  We’ve also been praying for these 3 children and all the kids who receive a box this year.  It’s an amazing program, the logistics of it is mind-boggling!  Since 1993, more than 85 million gift-filled shoe boxes have been distributed to children in more than 130 countries worldwide.  It’s great to be a part of this ministry:)  There is so much “need” in our world and we have so much, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to give and what to help with.  So, rather than be paralyzed with uncertainty of what to do, we do “something” – it may not change the world but it does impact 3 children someplace who are really in need.

Coloring some ornaments

Baby time

Got to spend some time with Baby Samantha while Amanda made a trip to the dentist.  Big brother Caleb was here too, but he’s a blur and didn’t get the camera out in time to catch him!

Those lovely “catchlights” (reflections in her eyes) are because I intentionally placed her to play in front of the doorwall knowing I would be snapping a few pictures;)

Tobin wanted to feed her-not sure she knew what to think

and then Tobin wanted to take a picture of me feeding her

Just for you Sal! Scrabble

When Sally spent the night a while back, we played some games-I love games, we have a lot of them but I’m pretty competitive (I know that is shocking to some of you!), and just a little impatient (even more shocking, I know).  Anyway, Sally said that one year she bought everyone in her family their own Scrabble dictionary and allowed them all to use the dictionary to learn and teach each other new words.  I thought it was a brilliant idea, until Kelly pointed out that it would take an excruciatingly long time for each kid to take their turn and he wisely knew I would “lose my mind” waiting.  So, he suggested, we do it as Sally suggested but leave it on the Dining room table (which is rarely used for dining) and you can take your turn whenever you have time to.  He’s so smart, isn’t he!

So, that’s what we did-some pretty cool words there!

Kelly/Tobin won by a lot and Marian beat me by 1 point (the competitive side of me must tell you that we helped her and Ezra find words).

She was happy to beat me though;)

Fall color

I realize the leaves are gone but i took these shots a few weeks back and love them.  Not because they are beautifully artistic or particularly great photographic iamges but because they create an awe in me of what God has created for us.  Really, these colors are just amazing, He didn’t have to give us so many shades of red, He could have made everything gray.  But, He didn’t and try as we might to re-create His beautiful creation through painting or other art, we never even come close (and when you think about it, we’re just copying Him).  Anyway, it makes me wonder what heaven will be like, if our sin-filled, defiled earth is this beautifully created!

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