sunny day

Trying to take advantage of the sun yesterday … I think we have rain for the next couple days. Mari is drawing on the deck

these boys, they often don’t get along as I wish but especially right now, I’m thankful they have each other.

and much to my sadness, they would all rather be inside playing on or watching a screen … I believe so much in the benefits of “outdoors” that it’s worth the effort (really battle).

Be strong & courageous, do not be afraid, for the LORD your God is with you, He will never leave you or forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

PS we have a song to that verse if anyone wants to hear/learn it:)


Covid-19 calls for a resurrection of the blog … maybe, we’ll see. At least for today. We are about 7 hours in to an epic game of Risk, we started playing on Saturday.

June 2o15 highlights

Just can’t give up, so 2 1/2 years behind but perhaps this january I’ll catch it up!

We had some fun year end school activities. Dugan is wearing my bomber jacket from 1985 as Charles Lindberg;)

Did you know that James Vernor was a pharmacist?

I got to get on the school roof for this picture of the boys’ entire elementary school!

Ez had a super fun 4th grade party with all kinds of acrobatic games

And, his first time on a uni (little did we know!)

Tobin’s year end party had a giant sundae (I don’t think it was that appealing!


Tobin wanted to dress up for his last day

And, this was Mari at the end of the day

Ezra doing the 4th grade walk-out, he wouldn’t look . . . I got a little teary knowing that it was our last year there (8 years at that school) because Tobin & Ezra were both going to a different school next year.


We celebrated the last day at the pool club with pizza!


Got the Citiblocs out

Ezra played some baseball

And, some soccer

And, Tobin played some soccer too.

May 2o15 Highlights

The boys had an art & music program at school

Yes, this is Tobin! The curly locks are gone again. The boy next to him has special needs, Tobin says he’s not able to talk the way we do but he understands everything you say, Tobin helps him out:)

I got to take the 4th grade picture for their book — so fun!

This is what Mari looks like at most of the boys’ soccer games – lol

The boys participated in the science fair – can you build a rocket with sparklers?

Apparently, the first one blew up, 2nd one flew over the roof. They recorded it all on the iPad and the recording was the most popular display at the Science Fair (with the boys anyway). They were all pretty geeked about it . . . boys & their fire things!

And, we had some baby birds that we got to watch — so cool, right off our front porch

April 2o15 Highlights

We celebrated Easter, the kids still like to look for the Resurrection Eggs, along with some candy and other prizes        

They had an Easter egg hunt with some cousins at Grandma & Grandpa’s house

Some swing fun at the park down the street

Mari & Kelly made a cool musical instrument for a Science project

And, it’s April so soccer season started back up

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