When I talked them into doing this, I guess I didn’t realize it would be all dancing (not sure why!).  Issy & Marian apparently had a great time, I think Kelly & Rob were a little tired:)  I started picturing all these grown men and it made me laugh, I guess Kelly said when they entered “what happens at the daddy daughter dance stays at the daddy daughter dance”, Rob was happy to comply!


We got to have a pre-birthday party for Ezra, the week before.  Trisha & family came out, we celebrated at the rec center, with some brownies . . .

wall climbing . . .

and some swimming . . .

Love this shot of Ezra, it’s that bashful “I’m super happy, but not sure I want to let on” smile, the freckles are bonus!

It’s always fun when they visit:)


Shining Jesus’ light, that is.

Claire was over visiting while her Mom was speaking at a MOPS meeting on the other side of town.

They were quite a pair!  Click on the picture to view a movie of them singing:)

Then they made microphones for Baby Dog & Fetch:)


We had to leave bright & early Sunday morning, getting some hugs in, we won’t see them again until April

Thought this was a pretty good picture of all of us:)

The morning view from their front yard

And, leaving their neighborhood, I just never tired of the palm trees-ahhh:)

Some closing things:

  • Our best family trip, the kids were at just the right ages-don’t worry Dick & Sandy, we still love camp;)
  • It got dark at 5:30 so I had to stop, I believe I would have pushed Kelly & the kids right over the edge if it was light any longer
  • We were able to put the kids to bed in their own spaces at their normal bedtimes most nights so no over-tired grumpiness going on
  • Kelly & I had time with my parents each night to play games and chat
  • If it seemed like everyone wore the same clothes every day – we did!  Mom told us to not pack much and just do laundry-so I packed a short sleeve, long sleeve shirt, pair of shorts, pair of jeans, pair of sweat pants, a hoody, and a pair of pjs for each of us and did laundry every 2-3 days.  It was great, we didn’t have to check any bags and I came home with clean laundry!
  • I wish the flights weren’t so expensive or we’d do this every year!
  • We’ll be back to do the Grand Canyon more thoroughly in the future:)

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