We’re trying to institute Saturdays as family fun day, trying to keep the house in order during the week, so we can focus on family time on Saturday (not that I ever spent a lot of time cleaning on Saturdays, but there was almost always stress about the chaos surrounding us so as to make for a “not family fun day”!)

Anyway, off to the zoo for a chilly visit (this was at the beginning of March before the big warm spell).

These two were taking turns raising their heads, puffing out their chests and making a loud bellowing sound, i assume some form of proving which of them is better!

Eeehww, really hate snakes, can barely look at this shot!

Not sure how many of these pictures I have of the kids on this turtle, or how much longer they will want to “pose” on it, but I’ll cherish it for now.  It was actually Ezra’s idea and the others joined in, without me every prodding!

We had a great time, although, we were all ready for the warm car at the end.

railroads.citiblocs.littlest pet shop

What do you get when you cross a railroad set, Citiblocs, & Littlest Pet Shop?  Something that resembles a Little House town, then Marian decided it was the Orphan Train (same time setting in the mid 1800’s I believe).  We had just read a picture book about it (I’m trying to get her interested in a chapter book series).

It creates lots of clutter & chaos but I love it when they combine toys to create something new & imaginative!


Can’t believe he is 7!

And, these are a few of his favorite things:

sports, balls, ball sports, football, reading, legos, baseball, playing outdoors, playing ball sports outdoors, basketball, soccer, recess where he usually plays ball sports, pizza, Wild Kratts, books about animals, cheetahs, hockey, did I mention ball sports?, playing catch with any ball, kicking balls around the house, watching ball sports on tv, golf, snuggling with mom, crafts (strange but true), playing soccer in the backyard with the neighbors, being barefoot (even to play sports), volleyball, tennis, bacon, pancakes, frisbee, his blanket (to sleep with or drape around himself while he’s running around the house with a ball), running, pears, nachos, Oatmeal Squares cereal, creating ball game scenarios with any toy we have, and that’s all i can think of now

ezra, aka ball sport boy

A birthday party for Ezra

The cake was chocolate & gluten free (made with coconut flour) and it was quite good

The ball sport boy got a ball re bounder, set of golf clubs, football, flag football set & Ogosports trampoline  (super fun!).  Kelly had the ball rebounder set up in the basement the next day:)  (they carry them at Target too)

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