Tacos anyone?

Taco faceWe had tacos for dinner, one of our kids favorites. The picture is Tobin who did a great job of covering most of his face with various taco toppings.  Kelly handed him a taco in a soft shell, nicely folded–we look over and that apparantly didn’t work for him as he had put it down, let it unfold and grabbed most of the contents and shoved it into his mouth. 

PS I am watching the Superbowl and NY just scored, let it be known that I picked them to win–just ask my Sunday School class:)  I won’t count Brady out. . . ok only 10 seconds left . . . 4th down incompletion . . . I can’t say that I was really wanting NY to win, I just love an “underdog” story.

Three kids napping

Well, all three kids took a nap today — at the same time!  That might not be big news in your house but in ours it has NEVER happened. Mari had been running a fever since yesterday which is why she napped, the boys are both pretty good nappers — a fact that I don’t take for granted because Mari was not (quite bad actually!).  So, we had a peaceful hour & half:)

 Mom stuff: We were supposed to have date night tonight but had to cancel because Mari was sick.  We have been doing a once/month date night swap with our friends Mark & Mary for 5 years now. It started when we both just had 1, now there are 6 between us and there were times when it was harder than others but it has always worked out. We have hardly ever had to cancel because of sick kids-a special blessing from God I’m sure!  Here’s how it works: each month one of us gets a date, the date starts around 5ish and the “datee” couple (the couple getting to go out on the date) prepare a meal for the other (and their family).  The “sitters” (the couple providing the babysitting) stay at the “datee’s” house until bedtime when the “sitter” husband take their own kids home to put to bed.  The “sitter” wife stays with the “datee’s” kids, puts them to bed and hangs out until the “datee’s” get home, generally between 9:30-10:00–I know, we’re such party animals. The cool thing is that no one’s kids are out late, bedtime is still the same and the “datee’s” get to come home with their kids already put to bed. It’s free and worth the effort, you all might want to give it a try:)

Snow Day

Everyone was out of school today, my friend Mary came over with her three–the kids had a blast playing in the fresh snow, Tobin thought it was great watching from inside. They even took it upon themselves to shovel the drive, I swear I didn’t even suggest it!
Tobin watching
John, Mari & Ben
Child Labor?


Something to Share

The 3 Precious OnesI wanted to share something God has been showing me.  When I was a mom of one child, I literally felt like some of the “bad” stages would never end (sleepless nights, eating strikes, endless crying, etc.).  I know some of you can relate to this!  When we had number two and especially number three, I was better able to see it for what it was–a stage that would pass. So, now whenever I start feeling a bit overwhelmed with these three small people, I can remind myself that this too shall pass (and often too quickly!).  Anyway, I was thinking about this and how much easier it is for me to see the “joy” in the whole big picture of motherhood but where I still frequently fall short is seeing the “joy” in the moments because we all know that some moments can be trying, stressful and just downright claustraphobic (that’s the best way for me to describe it).  So, about a week ago I started praying that God would help me see the “joy” in the  moments–and He did!  It’s been amazing, and it’s not like these are new moments but God is showing them to me in a whole new light.  Ezra was sitting on my lap and I was resting my chin on his head, Mari telling me that when she grew up she wanted to live in the same town as me–probably the same neighborhood, and Tobin today crying for no apparent reason until I picked him up and then being so content just to be held for awhile.  There have been lots more and I’m finding myself more & more grateful for all that I have! 

 I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite verses:  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.–Psalm 118:24

What is "Freecycle"

Well, a couple of you have asked about freecycle.  It’s basically an on-line recycling bulletin board set up by community, there is a link to the website at the right on my blog roll.  My friend Jackie got me started on it (she’s also the one who turned me on to this blogging thing!).  You go to the website, find a group in your area and join the group via Yahoo. If you’re new to this stuff (like me), it’s a little complicated but I figured it out (with Kelly’s help) and now am part of 3 freecycling communities.  I kind of think we all have too much “stuff” and for the past 2 years have been trying to declutter our lives, (every time Purple Heart called, I would say “yes” and then fill a bag of stuff).  This is even better because it really feels like it’s going to someone who needs/wants it.  You get e-mails of peoples “wants” or you can list “offers” yourself. I LOVE giving stuff away, God has really blessed us and I am thrilled when I can pass along something we’re not using anymore (lots of baby stuff, household, furniture, etc).  And, the best part is, you just leave it on your porch and they come get it.  So, now we have a weekend goal to “freecycle” something.  It’s absolutely crazy the kind of stuff you can get rid of–their whole goal is to keep things out of landfills, and it really is true that one mans trash is another mans treasure.

So, sign up, get started and start “freecycling”.  Let me know if you have trouble, I’d love to help!

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