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Tonight, Mari & I went to an “Uppercase Living” party–I’d never heard of it, check it out at .  It’s basically words/designs used as home decor, there are tons of ideas, I decided to do a custom one in the kitchen over the entrance way into the family room and I want to do a verse.  So, here’s where you come in–can you give me ideas as to what verse I should use???  I don’t really have any ideas so am completely open.  I look forward to hearing from you:)

Surfs Up Dude

I ordered the kids long sleeve surfer shirts (spf protection) from Lands End.  Our kids are sooo white–Ezra practically glows, and with our trip to camp where we’re outside all day, it’s worth the investment.  You know me, I got them all a size too big so they’d be able to wear them 2 summers, Kelly had to talk me out of getting Mari a boy one–hey, they’re really expensive.  Anyway, they had to try them on tonight and pretend they were surfer dudes showing me their “rad” moves (from a Backyardigans episode).  The picture doesn’t do justice, they were beyond cute in them–especially Tobin! 


Funny Ez stories

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I don’t have any pictures today, but I wanted to share a couple funny things that Ezra has said recently:

  • We were driving down the road when he yells to me “Mommy, look at that “flippin” truck”, to which I responded “Ezra did you just say “flippin truck”?”, “yes” he says and then I realize he is pointing to a garbage truck with one of those big bins in the front that when full, the driver lifts and “flips” into the top of the truck.
  • Kelly decided to go through the car wash with him yesterday, he didn’t want to go “don’t want those mean people to spray us”
  • Kelly was changing Tobin’s diaper and Ezra said “look Daddy, Tobin’s playing with his “peanuts”–I think you can guess what he meant.

Happy Birthday Ezra


Ezra is 3 today, here is a recap (I’ll use this for a scrapbook page later!):

  • is very social and befriends everyone
  • loves music–guitar, piano, drums, singing
  • says the most profound and hilarious things
  • loves reading books
  • favorite toys are legos, tinkertoys, tools
  • favorite shows are Super Why & Backyardigans 
  • can do 25 piece puzzles
  • can scribble on paper with the best of them (latest is making snowflakes)
  • knows some letters and letter sounds
  • knows how to spell his name (most of the time)
  • can count to 16 (then goes back to 11)
  • still has very little hair
  • still in a crib and has not even tried to climb out (we think Tobin might teach him a little later)
  • inconsistant with his naps, I never know so always lay him down, he will lay in his crib or pack n play for a long time talking, singing, playing
  • loves tickling and being tickled
  • has an obsession with having something to hold (although it does seem to be less often now)
  • loves to put things in bags, containers, etc and walk around with it
  • is an awesome complimentor (e.g. Daddy you are the best cooker in the whole wide world)
  • loves to cook and pretend to cook

Take 12 on the 12th

So, this is fun to try,  I can’t take credit for it, I read about it in the Jan/Feb issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Take pictures on the 12th of each month–to capture your everyday stuff and do a layout with 12 of the pictures (one 4 x 6 surrounded by eleven 2 x 2 prints), then use list style journaling on the opposite page.   That’s it, you have your whole year in 12 layouts!  Of course, I will do more than this but I like the idea of capturing the everyday things that go on (like Ezra’s obsession with putting small objects in containers, Tobin’s love of wearing other people’s shoes, and Mari’s first real pony tail).  These would likely be lost in the hustle & bustle of every day and it will be fun to look back and see what each of them was doing throughout the year.  The pictures are a sample and yes I took way more than 12 pictures:) 

Here’s a recap of our day: we went to our Bible study in the frigid cold, had lunch with the Andrews, Mari went to school, Ez did not take a nap, Tobin’s was too short, had snacks, had dinner, read some books, had a tickle fest, Legos & tools were the “toys of the day” (I’ll have to write about this in a future post), played catch, did some jumping off the fireplace hearth (yes, I’m ok with this–you have to give them someplace to jump safely), I went to the rec center to ride the bike (Kelly put the boys to bed), Kelly went to hit golf balls at the dome (I put Mari to bed).  That’s about it:)

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