Snow Day

Everyone was out of school today, my friend Mary came over with her three–the kids had a blast playing in the fresh snow, Tobin thought it was great watching from inside. They even took it upon themselves to shovel the drive, I swear I didn’t even suggest it!
Tobin watching
John, Mari & Ben
Child Labor?


The perfect sledding day

p1275200.jpg We took Hines drive home from church today and saw a bunch of kids sledding. Mari, of course, was quite interested and wanted to know if we could go sledding sometime, I said sure. I believe she sensed a lack of commitment on my part and so proceeded with “this year?”, and then I said sure again, she followed that up with “can we go tomorrow?” to which I had to say no because it’s a school day and it just wouldn’t work out. She was really fine with that but then I started thinking about what a perfect day it would be to go so I called our friends & neighbors and Mari’s best friend Issy to see if she could join us. We worked it out and picked her up an hour later and had a really fun time. Kelly hasn’t felt well for a couple days (MSG problems we think), so it was nice for him to have some quiet time while the boys napped. They are sharing a room now and he had to go in there after an hour because they were whooping it up still (it’s pretty cute to listen to them actually), but then they didn’t take a long enough nap and were a bit crabby when they got up.

Mari & IssyMom tip: If you’re faced with a tired/sick husband and boys being grumpy from too short of naps and thinking about the next 3 hours with a little hesitation, call your in-laws and ask them to go out to dinner to kill some time. Trust me, everyone will be happier and they’ll probably even help you put the kids to bed:)

PS The rice cleaned up great today!

"Overalls" Day

OverallsDayToday is “overalls” day at the Knezeks, we all have them except Kelly. Mari had to get some for Christmas because I have them. Nothing much planned today just the adventure of living in a house with 3 small people. We’ll need to do our grocery shopping, I’m putting together a bag of baby feeding stuff to freecycle (my latest obsession), and I think the freezer needs to be the thing that gets organized this weekend (it’s been bugging me for weeks!), and I’ll try to get a bit scrapbooking in.

This morning Mari told me that Ezra was “talking all the way to the moon” from his crib, “That’s an ‘expression’ I just made up” she says–cute:)

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