Take 12 on the 12th

So, this is fun to try,  I can’t take credit for it, I read about it in the Jan/Feb issue of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. Take pictures on the 12th of each month–to capture your everyday stuff and do a layout with 12 of the pictures (one 4 x 6 surrounded by eleven 2 x 2 prints), then use list style journaling on the opposite page.   That’s it, you have your whole year in 12 layouts!  Of course, I will do more than this but I like the idea of capturing the everyday things that go on (like Ezra’s obsession with putting small objects in containers, Tobin’s love of wearing other people’s shoes, and Mari’s first real pony tail).  These would likely be lost in the hustle & bustle of every day and it will be fun to look back and see what each of them was doing throughout the year.  The pictures are a sample and yes I took way more than 12 pictures:) 

Here’s a recap of our day: we went to our Bible study in the frigid cold, had lunch with the Andrews, Mari went to school, Ez did not take a nap, Tobin’s was too short, had snacks, had dinner, read some books, had a tickle fest, Legos & tools were the “toys of the day” (I’ll have to write about this in a future post), played catch, did some jumping off the fireplace hearth (yes, I’m ok with this–you have to give them someplace to jump safely), I went to the rec center to ride the bike (Kelly put the boys to bed), Kelly went to hit golf balls at the dome (I put Mari to bed).  That’s about it:)

p2125543.jpg  p2125541.jpg 
 p2125517.jpg  p2125506.jpg
 p2125539.jpg  p2125493.jpg

Ezra's birthday party

Ezra’s invitation   The cake
 p2095412-adjusted.jpg  Blowing out the candles
 Birthday hat  p2095402.jpg
 p2095422.jpg  Jamming
 With Aunt Kim & Uncle Ed  The Haul
 We had Ezra’s 3rd birthday party last night. It was a small affair with Grandma & Grandpa K, Aunt Pam, Uncle Rob & Evan (Jess & Shelby are in Spain on a Spanish class trip–Ez was very sad that they weren’t going to be there), and Aunt Kim & Uncle Ed came from Grand Rapids–a special treat since they don’t get to see them that often and love to play with them. When I asked Ezra what kind of party he wanted (as in firetrucks, dinosaurs, basketball, trucks,etc.) he simply said he wanted an “orange” party and apparantly he meant it. When we went to the birthday party store (aka Party City) I gave him several choices with varying amounts of orange and all he wanted was the plain orange napkins & plates but I did get an idea from one of the themes and he was excited about having a guitar cake to go along with his “orange” party. I created the invitation from a picture of him playing his guitar that he got for Christmas–I have a lot of fun making these:).  Since it was an orange party, the other kids wore orange too:). He loved the attention, blew out his candles like a pro (first time), and made quite a haul for such a small party.  When we put him to bed he said “I had a good party, didn’t I”.

Mari's Entry

p2055292.jpgGiant strawberryGiant blueberry 

The kids love frozen fruit, yesterday Mari wanted me to take some pictures of them eating it and said “maybe you can put this in your blog”.  So, here she is . . .

 I found a giant strawberry and I found a giant blueberry too (see pictures).

Tacos anyone?

Taco faceWe had tacos for dinner, one of our kids favorites. The picture is Tobin who did a great job of covering most of his face with various taco toppings.  Kelly handed him a taco in a soft shell, nicely folded–we look over and that apparantly didn’t work for him as he had put it down, let it unfold and grabbed most of the contents and shoved it into his mouth. 

PS I am watching the Superbowl and NY just scored, let it be known that I picked them to win–just ask my Sunday School class:)  I won’t count Brady out. . . ok only 10 seconds left . . . 4th down incompletion . . . I can’t say that I was really wanting NY to win, I just love an “underdog” story.

Three kids napping

Well, all three kids took a nap today — at the same time!  That might not be big news in your house but in ours it has NEVER happened. Mari had been running a fever since yesterday which is why she napped, the boys are both pretty good nappers — a fact that I don’t take for granted because Mari was not (quite bad actually!).  So, we had a peaceful hour & half:)

 Mom stuff: We were supposed to have date night tonight but had to cancel because Mari was sick.  We have been doing a once/month date night swap with our friends Mark & Mary for 5 years now. It started when we both just had 1, now there are 6 between us and there were times when it was harder than others but it has always worked out. We have hardly ever had to cancel because of sick kids-a special blessing from God I’m sure!  Here’s how it works: each month one of us gets a date, the date starts around 5ish and the “datee” couple (the couple getting to go out on the date) prepare a meal for the other (and their family).  The “sitters” (the couple providing the babysitting) stay at the “datee’s” house until bedtime when the “sitter” husband take their own kids home to put to bed.  The “sitter” wife stays with the “datee’s” kids, puts them to bed and hangs out until the “datee’s” get home, generally between 9:30-10:00–I know, we’re such party animals. The cool thing is that no one’s kids are out late, bedtime is still the same and the “datee’s” get to come home with their kids already put to bed. It’s free and worth the effort, you all might want to give it a try:)

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