Happy Resurrection Day

It’s been a whirlwind day and weekend for us, probably a little too busy but here are some pictures–the kids with their baskets (notice how Tobin has Mari’s shoe on!), looking for the Resurrection eggs, playing drums before church, dressed in their best, coloring Easter eggs & having birthday cake (Kelly’s birthday was yesterday too).  Hope you all had a wonderful day.





Let us not forget to thank our Lord Jesus for His saving work on the cross.

Matthew 28:5-6:

The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”

Or in Mari’s singing voice “He’s not dead, He’s alive, He’s not dead, He’s alive!”

87 plus a dog

Today we had a belated Christmas Eve party at my parents house (otherwise known as the homestead as my Grandpa was born in this house).  Since Grandpa was in the hospital, we weren’t able to have our annual Christmas Eve party.  There were 87 people and 1 dog in attendance, of course that’s not even close to everyone.  Grandpa has 10 kids, 33 grandkids (i think), over 40 great grandkids (I’m not sure), and at least 2 great, great grandkids!  We had an Easter Egg Hunt, we had to divide it up into 3 groupings to accomodate all the kids (400 eggs!!) and lots of food.  The picture is of many of the great grandkids in attendance, and the second pix is my nephew Kashton snuggled up with my dear Grandpa:)

We aunts & uncles always tease him saying, “look what you started Dad”, he says “Mary (my Grandma) always wanted a big family”.  I think she got her wish.


Date night-their turn, puddle jumping & a skinned knee

 p3156032-cropped.jpg  Saturday night was Mark & Mary’s turn for date night, the picture is of the 6 kids lined up to watch Scooby Doo before bed (well, they actually didn’t go there voluntarily but Kelly did manage to snap a picture with all them in it!).  It went pretty well, no serious injuries:) 
 p3146014.jpg  Thursday, Tobin had his first “puddle jumping” experience (along with his first skinned knee).  We went to get Mari on the bus in the stroller, and being the way cool mom that I am, I let them wear their boots knowing they would want to get out & walk.  Ok, so maybe I was just being practical enough to face the fact the my boys were going to find the water somehow!  There were great puddles in the sidewalk, Ez was the first out of the stroller and Tobin saw the potential and wanted out quick.  He took one splash and was hooked, I mean you should have seen the BIG smile on his face–I was so bummed I hadn’t thought of the camera (rookie mistake on my part!).  It didn’t take long for Tobin to fall right in it, he cried, I picked him up and kissed him and he dove out of my arms to get back at it, that’s our boy:)  They both had a great time for a good 20 minutes.  The pictures are from the next day as we waited in front of the house for the bus to come & get Mari, this time I was ready with the camera.

That really freaked me out

Conversation with Mari during lunch today: (she heard the garbage truck and thought it was the bus)

Mari: that really freaked me out!

Me: Did you say, that really freaked you out?

Mari: Yes

Me: where did you learn that expression?

Mari: I just knew it and decided today was the day that I’d let everyone know I knew it.

As if the expression weren’t funny enough, the logic behind deciding to use it appropriately makes me laugh. 

She has been practicing dribbling every day for at least a week now, in the family room, in the basement, and apparently during gym–she’s getting quite good at it, I’ve never actually seen her practice something so diligently.  Maybe we’ll need a basketball net in the driveway this summer, that would make Daddy & Grandpa K pretty excited!



He pooped!

Glad I don’t have a picture–aren’t you:)  Well, after a couple days of needing to and holding it, and having a few accidents, he pooped.  I took Mari to gymnastics and Kelly was in the basement with the boys (the place where all our kids like to poop for some reason).  We have a small potty seat down there and Ez was without pants.  Kelly was in the other room doing something with golf clubs when Ezra yells “Daddy, there’s brown stuff in there”.  Kelly didn’t know what he was talking about and then realized and came running.  There it was, in the potty seat even!  They brought it upstairs and flushed it.  Then Ezra got to eat a rice krispie treat that Grandma had made with them this morning (she was watching the kids while I was at work).  I think he was dry all day too!  I’m not sure, I’m much less concerned this time around–maybe that’s why it’s going well:)

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