Christmas tree decorating

With some fun photo effects

Kelly playing Christmas carols (that’s me in the window!)

They did a great job; there were a lot of ornaments at their height;)

Trying to get a shot in front of the tree-goof balls!

This one is not quite as silly

And this is the ornament I made in 2nd grade-I still remember picking out the picture and being very proud of it!

“It’s not like I’m 1 or 2 or something”

That’s what Tobin said when he wanted to climb into Ezra’s top bunk to read with him before bed:)  When we set up the beds 2 years ago (, we had 2 very specific rules because they were pretty young. 1. Tobin was never allowed up there, unless Mom or Dad went with him 2. Ezra was only allowed in the top at bedtime.  They have been great about keeping these and I think Tobin has been in the top less than 10 times, they even tell their friends no one is allowed on the top!

So, I guess now Tobin thinks he is old enough to handle it.  They still can’t “play” up there but we’re letting them read together if they want at bedtime for a few minutes.

High School Football

The day after Thanksgiving (yes, still in November), Kelly, his dad, Ezra & I went to watch my high school football team playing in the state finals.  I’m from a very small town, Kelly joked that we wouldn’t have trouble with parking or finding a seat.  I told him that everyone would be there, he pointed out that there were only about 1000 people in the whole town;)  My friend Sally, said that they gave 1000 tickets to the high school to pre-sell and they were sold out in 1 hour!  I miss that about my small town, everyone gathers round the team, it’s a really big deal-there is so much team spirit.  I’m guessing there were at least 4000 people in attendance.  They got outplayed by a lot and lost but it was still fun to see lots of familiar faces.  The names on the back of the jerseys are still all the same as when I was in high school, not many people leave.  When I was young, I knew I wouldn’t stay-don’t ask me why, just knew (my mom says I told her in Kindergarten I was going away to college-and I didn’t know a single person in college!) but now that I’m living in the ‘burbs, I see the charm in my small town and miss a lot of things about it.

The football program has always been very competitive, I believe it started with our icon coach, an amazing man who was also the math teacher and athletic director.  He probably could have left our small town to coach in a lot bigger school but stayed for 27 years before passing on after a long battle with cancer.  He was amazing, we had a special bond-I had him for math for 4 years (he was the only math teacher), he put up with my sassy attitude (rather liked it, I think), I was his teacher aide my senior year, and if I was ever stumped in one of my college math classes, I would come home in time on a Friday afternoon to catch him at school still to get help.  He would literally explain for about 5 minutes and I would “get it”:)

Perhaps I need to have another “small town” memory post but I’ll stop for now:)

Ezra watched the entire game, cheering & paying close attention the whole time

Yes, this is the entire band!  Only 12 members but they really sounded good-they did a Blues Brothers medley (that’s why the weird postions)

We did have a rather large band when I was there-about 100.  Actually practically everyone was in the band and/or played football back then.

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