Tobin-4 year shoot

I have a rough time getting “portrait” style pictures of my kids so I decided to treat Tobin’s 4 year pictures like I would any client.  I took him to my favorite spot and kept my patience (funny how I’m always patient with other peoples kids!).  I like them:)

Go to to see the entire gallery:)  And, family (or anyone else who’d like a picture of Tobin)-let me know your favorite(s) and the size you’d like and I’ll get them printed for you.

And, because I didn’t do this with his birthday picture, some fun facts about Tobin at 4:  he still loves to be carried (and we still comply), he loves to push buttons and take things apart, studying how it all might work, he recognizes letters (upper & lower case) and what sound they make but just realized that he isn’t writing his name yet (or just doesn’t “prefer” to, he can write the T & O without much trouble), he can count pretty high but always skips 15, and can just recently skip count by 10’s.  He LOVES to snuggle, is quite a charmer and is also pretty naughty sometimes.  We’re working on how he’ll quickly do something again before I get to him to stop.  He will eat lots of different foods and likes to dip-hummus and guac are his favorites (in fact, he’ll eat those by the spoonful).  He is quiet & sneaky and is not to be trusted in new environments-I’m just waiting for a fire alarm to be pulled because of his intense curiosity.  He uses big words like similar, actually and I’d rather.  He loves to sing, dance, play anything musical and seems to be just starting to want to play some sporting things.  And, he has my number big time, when he looks at me with those sweet curls and blue eyes and says “I just want a little love Mommy” or “I just need some snuggles”-especially at 2am which doesn’t happen too often any more.

Fun with Hannah

 Right after our last MOPS park day, Becky ended up on bedrest-she & baby are doing just fine.  The kids & I took Hannah for a couple hours-to the park and lunch at our house, we all had fun:)

This is the park that the kids challenge themselves to get all the way around it without touching the ground, Ezra practiced and was concentrating on climbing from where Mari is the the green bar over his head and then dropping himself to this yellow part where you have to swing across (Mari in the next picture).  He didn’t get the monkey bar swing yet but figured out how to get this far and it’s not easy!

Hannah was very excited to do the climbing wall, she almost had it mastered (without help) by the time we left.

Neighbor kids

I got to take pictures of the neighbor girls tonight.  The older two are the perfect models, the younger was a bit less cooperative but has so much spunk! We managed to get some good ones and some fun ones. I took about 160 pictures.  Here are a few favorites . . .

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