Our kids love smoothies, even the way I make them!  It’s not that I’m a bad smoothie maker, I just put all healthy stuff in it–if they’ll drink them why not??  I want Kelly to call his “shakes” so the kids know it’s a treat (his are delicious but always have ice cream in them!).  I usually just use whatever frozen fruit we have, today Mari called it “fruit salad” smoothie, add some cottage cheese (I know — yuck but if you don’t put too much in, it’s just fine and I sneak some protein in).  We also added some yogurt and green juice (you really don’t want to know what this is:) but they will drink it plain so they’re good with it.  So, here is a picture of them drinking it–see they are enjoying it.  And everyone wanted more.  Tobin even said “moe” and rubbed his belly (sign for please).  When I got the camera out, Mari said “hey, you can put this in your blog”. 


I was reading a book to Tobin this morning a pointed to a picture and asked him what it was and just as clear as day, he says “baby”. I’m thinking I should have a column along side this that lists the words that he is saying–I’ll have to get Kelly on this idea??

I get to go scrapbooking in about an hour, I’m shooting for 10 pages completed.  I’ll let you know how I did.

1000 pieces


Last night, Kelly & I completed our first 1000 piece puzzle (Kelly’s first, my who knows–I’ve done quite a few).  How, you might ask, do we have time to do a 1000 piece puzzle?  It all started last January when we made a lot of financial changes, including getting rid of DirecTV and then in September deciding to greatly decrease our time in front of the tube.  We read more (well, Kelly reads more), I’m scrapbooking & writing a blog:), we play board games, we work out, we put a puzzle together, and we actually talk to each other.  It used to be that we’d collapse in front of the TV right after putting the kids to bed–didn’t matter what was on, just habit I guess, we’d find something–even without cable.  Now, we have 2 nights established that we watch one show–usually recorded so it only takes 45 minutes to watch.  It has been a great change!

The puzzle was fun, we have it set up in a back storage room in the basement so the kids can’t mess with it, we turn the radio on “Pillow talk”–remember that??  We talk and sing the cheesy love songs as we work the puzzle:)  I have great memories of doing these with my Mom & sisters, all the funny sayings &  grumblings came back.

Oh, Mari & Kelly played Yahtzee before bed again tonight and for the 3rd night in a row got 2 yahtzees!  Her last 3 scores have all been over 340:)

Baby Jessica


Last night I had the privilege of visiting a couple from church who just had their 1st baby, I got to take pictures–over 130! She is a doll and it was so sweet to hold her and remember Tobin being that small (the other 2 weren’t).  This is one of the pix, I wasn’t crazy with the lighting situation but hopefully they’ll like a few of them.

Help Please

Tonight, Mari & I went to an “Uppercase Living” party–I’d never heard of it, check it out at .  It’s basically words/designs used as home decor, there are tons of ideas, I decided to do a custom one in the kitchen over the entrance way into the family room and I want to do a verse.  So, here’s where you come in–can you give me ideas as to what verse I should use???  I don’t really have any ideas so am completely open.  I look forward to hearing from you:)

Funny Ez stories

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  I don’t have any pictures today, but I wanted to share a couple funny things that Ezra has said recently:

  • We were driving down the road when he yells to me “Mommy, look at that “flippin” truck”, to which I responded “Ezra did you just say “flippin truck”?”, “yes” he says and then I realize he is pointing to a garbage truck with one of those big bins in the front that when full, the driver lifts and “flips” into the top of the truck.
  • Kelly decided to go through the car wash with him yesterday, he didn’t want to go “don’t want those mean people to spray us”
  • Kelly was changing Tobin’s diaper and Ezra said “look Daddy, Tobin’s playing with his “peanuts”–I think you can guess what he meant.

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