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January 2015 Highlights

We taught the kids how to play euchre, I can only go to 5 points with them, totally lose my patience! I’m trying to teach them to be always paying attention and be ready, nothing worse than playing slow euchre! So, when Jenna came over and knew how to play – Jackpot, they could play without me:)150101_JennaVisit_005

A family game with my new favorite board game – Ticket to Ride


Our annual picture in front of the Christmas Tree, which almost always happens after the ornaments are off and I remember we haven’t taken it yet

150102_JennaVisit_006Love this picture of them all reading in Mari’s bed, she has them all reading How to Train your Dragon books

150106_DragonReading_001 150106_DragonReading_004

A “too cold to go to school day”, calls for making pancakes


And, some mandatory reading time


And, some “you need to go outside” time, not even sure who this 3rd boy is??


I volunteered to go to the State Capital for the boys’ field trip, not realizing they were going on separate days – back to back, ugh, so I was pretty excited for the snow day that cancelled Ezra’s. He wasn’t too happy when Tobin got to go the next day, but we’re rescheduled for February.150109_CapitalFieldTrip_044

It was very cool, love the architecture


Some sledding/snowboarding

150112_Sledding_013 150112_Sledding_048 150112_Sledding_050

Some friends came over and spent so much time lining up our Teddy Bear Dominoes and City Blocs all over the basement, and they kept having to restart it, it was quite a scene150115_AveryJennaVisit_007


Oh so excited to get some oranges from Grandma & Grandpa’s backyard tree, we are so spoiled with these!

150115_AZOranges_001 150115_AZOranges_006

Building snow guards for the eventual snow ball fight

150117_SnowPlay_019 150117_SnowPlay_033 150117_SnowPlay_050 150117_SnowPlay_074 150117_SnowPlay_093 150117_SnowPlay_109


December 2014 Highlights

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit before their migration (thats what Mari calls it) to Arizona 141202_GrandmaGrandpaVisit_028141202_GrandmaGrandpaVisit_019141202_GrandmaGrandpaVisit_011

We headed to Camp for Sleigh Bell Weekend and had another great year starting the Christmas season out right


Grandma & Grandpa (the other set) came for the first time, we were excited to have them join our special weekend!141205_SleighbellWeekend_021141205_SleighbellWeekend_008

141205_SleighbellWeekend_109141205_SleighbellWeekend_092 141206_SleighbellWeekend_278 141206_SleighbellWeekend_228 141206_SleighbellWeekend_201

And, Pam & Rob & family came too!

141207_SleighbellWeekend_325 141207_SleighbellWeekend_313

We even stayed for the fireworks after the parade this year141206_SleighbellWeekend_299

Back at home, I used a little child labor to get our Christmas cards assembled141215_ChristmasCards_004

And, our church did a gingerbread factory



The Little People Nativity set gets pulled out every Christmas141209_SleighbellWeekend_370

And, every Christmas Mari plays with it!


The kids decided to do a neighborhood Secret Santa and made cupcakes141222_SecretSantas_001 141222_SecretSantas_022141222_SecretSantas_007


Dressing up for a church program


Some Christmas cookie making


Christmas Eve


Christmas morning

141225_ChristmasMorning_021 141225_ChristmasMorning_035

I set up the interval timer on our camera again so we all got to be in the pictures141225_ChristmasMorning_040 141225_ChristmasMorning_046 141225_ChristmasMorning_077 141225_ChristmasMorning_100 141225_ChristmasMorning_109

And, Kelly’s family came over to celebrate


We had a 2500 piece puzzle about 1/3 done and they became obsessed with it!141225_Christmas_009

I guess Bernie would be our nephew;) He is such an awesome dog!141225_Christmas_012 141225_Christmas_045 141225_Christmas_057141225_Christmas_013

Building with nano blocks, the smallest legos you’ve ever seen!

141226_CousinVisit_009  141226_CousinVisit_015 141226_CousinVisit_017 141226_CousinVisit_027 141227_CousinVisit_045

New bean bags for Christmas


A new super fun game called Ticket to Ride that we can all play141231_ChristmasGifts_001

Mari got more books


Ezra got a rubik’s cube and him & Kelly spent a long time with computer printouts figuring out how to solve it141231_ChristmasGifts_036

And, during the break we headed to Aunt Trisha’s for some fun141230_CousinVisit_060 141230_CousinVisit_062 141230_CousinVisit_068 141230_CousinVisit_073

Happy New Year (at about 9:30 at night)


And, Kelly beat me yet again in our annual game of Trivial Pursuit:(



November 2014 Highlights

Woo hoo, another month!

We visited my parents farm and brought friends for some combine rides

My mom doing her magical baby thing, this one was a little too small to be excited about a combine ride;)

141114_CombineRides_017 141114_CombineRides_011 141114_CombineRides_005

And, since I did 17 shoots this month, it seemed like I wasn’t taking any pix of our family so got some “every day” stuff141126_EverydayStuff_019 141126_EverydayStuff_009

We got Clue out, I’ve had it in the basement for years waiting for them to get old enough141127_EverydayStuff_104

When Mari gets bored, she plays solitaire, with actual cards!


Music break . . .

141126_EverydayStuff_038 141126_EverydayStuff_055 141126_EverydayStuff_044 141126_EverydayStuff_071

Thanksgiving at Aunt Faye & Uncle Al’s, and there is always picture worthy food!

This super cool veggie tray was put together by Pam & Rob141127_Thanksgiving_006

Aunt Faye and her beautiful table



The whole gang


And, we decorated for Christmas, I hardly need to do an ornament anymore, they do need some motivation to finish, but I let them do it however they want.



October 2014 highlights

Not even going to explain or make excuses . . .

We had field day at Ez & Tobin’s school, I got to take “official” pictures for the yearbook:)

141002_FunRun_116 141002_FunRun_084 141002_FunRun_055

Our awesome pumpkins!

141006_PumpkinHarvest_020 141006_PumpkinHarvest_006 141006_PumpkinHarvest_002

The kids made a zip line

141010_John CarolineFamily_019 141010_John CarolineFamily_005

There was lots of soccer



I love the fact that they will still play kid things together (and had to document it for future proof)141014_SophiaSenior_002

Kelly lost his job of 20+ years, and we trusted in God’s provision, Kelly is blessed with very marketable skills so it didn’t take long to find a new job, so very thankful. Here’s his headshot for Linked In.


I did 21 photo shoots in October so brought the kids with me on one of them and got some shots of them (I made the boys wear nice things on top but they have sweatpants on;)

141016_KidsAtPark_008  141016_KidsAtPark_077 141016_KidsAtPark_072 141016_KidsAtPark_029 141016_KidsAtPark_161 141016_KidsAtPark_153 141016_KidsAtPark_192 141016_KidsAtPark_258 141016_KidsAtPark_250 141016_KidsAtPark_249

Multiple times a day I get to see this tree in our neighborhood, it reminds me of God’s creativity and His deep, deep love for us (He could have just made everything grey you know!)


We take a road trip to watch Grif play football


And, hit a state park on the way

141017_StatePark_009 141017_StatePark_003  141017_StatePark_030 141017_StatePark_012 141017_StatePark_042  141017_StatePark_050 141017_StatePark_053

Mari used a lawn mover for the first time!


And, there was leaf pile fun


Our new basketball hoop finally got set up:)

141027_NewHoop_016 141027_NewHoop_019 141027_NewHoop_020

And, we had our sometimes annual pumpkin party

141030_PumpkinCarving_010 141030_PumpkinCarving_022 141030_PumpkinCarving_036

Meet Dorothy, Luigi & a dolpin


Who knows, maybe I’ll even do November, 2014 soon;)


September 2o14 Highlights

Not sure what I was thinking about being able to do 12 months in 12 days but I’m not giving up yet.  Here is what was happening in September:)

Mmmm, we had beautiful roma tomatoes this year!


First day of school, and yes, Ezra is wearing glasses, but only at school

140902_FirstDaySchool_010 140902_FirstDaySchool_007

Tobin making his Lego “8” at Ezra’s soccer game140906_EzraSoccer_018 140906_EzraSoccer_044

Mari tried out for a production of The Sound of Music, and needed a headshot – she got a part in the ensemble and LOVED it


There was a lot of soccer, Ezra was blessed to land on a rec team that is fantastic and we just love the coach, he’s serious about soccer but even more concerned about developing character & good sportsmanship in these boys. This shot is Ezra in net making a stop140906_EzraSoccer_022

Ez is in black/red and about to score



Their team won a tournament at the end of September.


Grandma & Grandpa got to see some of the tournament too140927_EzraSoccer_018140927_EzraSoccer_142

Took this pic with my phone of Tobin “shooting” Ezra


Tobin played also


#7 about to score


That’s him with his hands in the air after;)


Mari on a shoot with me — love the young lady she is, such an amazing 12 year old, beautiful inside & out!


At a park

140923_EzTobinPark_081 140923_EzTobinPark_072 140923_EzTobinPark_068 140923_EzTobinPark_060 140923_EzTobinPark_046 140923_EzTobinPark_041

Tobin had a Lego birthday party

140920_TobinBirthdayParty_150 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_137 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_136 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_124 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_121 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_070

We had a team Lego building contest, each team had a stack of Legos and had 3 minutes to create — pretty fun, of course, my team won, only because my BIL (an architect & all around creative guy) was on my team!

140920_TobinBirthdayParty_056 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_036 140920_TobinBirthdayParty_011 140918_TobinBirthday_007 140918_TobinBirthday_003

Our giant melons turned out to be 3 beautiful pumpkins!  It’s still a mystery — either, the plants were labeled incorrectly or squirrels planted seeds in our sandbox??



A fun & full month!