Have I mentioned that we LOVE these things

Marian & Ezra created an apartment complex for her Littlest Pet Shoppe animals

She did this one by herself and was very excited to get it taller than her (she was using a stool)

And, this was Marian & Allie’s creation – they called it the “Everything Building”

A stay-cation

AKA a stay-at-home vacation.  Really just a local road trip to check out kayaks, we are considering buying one to use with our little sailboat.  And, since we were heading out we stopped at a little park.  No kayak purchase, much to the kids dismay.  We’re thinking now we may wait until spring and buy from Costco:)

Check out Ezra’s paddling technique (minus the paddle)

Sitting on a kid pretend mountain


Ez came with me on a shoot so I took some time after to get some of him, love this one:)

and then he showed me some monkey bar tricks

eyes closed

and going backwards

Me & 8 kids

A few weeks ago our church was hosting a seminar for 3 weeks and there were 2 families from out of town so I offered to take them to our favorite old-fashioned village.  Thanks to Kelly’s work perk-it was all free:)  We had a lot of fun, they were great, and Jack (the 15 year old) was a huge help.  I had to laugh a couple times because it was sort of like herding cats at times!


We rode the carousel, the train, and a horse carriage


Marian informed me that her record is 18 steps on these-i couldn’t do any



the girls off to school (see the teacher- she just rang the bell)

Jack & I did a lot of counting but the kids were great and they got a needed break away:)

Garden Harvest

Well, the weeds weren’t the only thing growing well.  Our green beans & cucumbers looked great, our first harvest of each . . .

Delicious!  Our tomato plants have hundreds of green tomatoes right now so they will be next.  They are completely out of control, and falling into the sidewalk.  Kelly went to the hardware store to buy rope to tie them up higher, ran a rope from the light to the gutter downspout and then tied them up to that with twine.  Not sure how other people do this??

and we discovered several new friends on our carrots

I was going to remove them until we discovered they are the Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly and will only eat the carrots, not the tomatoes.  We had at least 5 of them, and have found 1 chrysalis.  The carrots don’t look too well but the live science experiment has been great for the kids!

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