Boys at the pool

I’m going to apologize in advance for a VERY long post-I need to document here (for my own sake) and unfortunately, you get to see my rambling.  Feel free to just view the pictures:)

What remarkable progress the boys have made in their swimming ability this year.  Tobin started the summer out refusing to put his head under water and Ezra could swim a bit under water.  Now, Tobin can swim (with a pretty decent freestyle stroke) the width of the pool (and can probably do the length if he would try).  And, Ezra can easily swim the length (even doing some breathing off to the side), tread water anywhere, and has a great dive.

For Tobin it all started with a private lesson with Ethan just before camp where he got him to go under water.  He then basically just kept practicing on his own until he could do it-he quite naturally floats on top of the water.

We decided to enroll them in the last session of lessons at the pool club, they had both stagnated a little from me helping them-we put them both in level 3 although Tobin really wasn’t quite there yet.  It was amazing watching the transformation over the 2 weeks!

Tobin finally decided jumping off the side of the pool was ok-we had a fun challenge with each pool visit and I basically had to threaten Tobin that either I was going to throw him or he needed to jump off the side, he decided on me throwing him and of course, after I did it, he wanted to do it again and again.  He’s so funny, he gets so scared about things and then after he does it once, he thinks it’s great fun!  Then, it’s all he wanted to do-like a hundred times was jump off the side to us:)

He didn’t want to jump off the diving board on the first day so I asked him if he would on the next day, he said “no” and I said “well, what if Ethan tells you too?” (Ethan is super cool and Tobin LOVES him), “well, I will then” and I’m thinking to myself (as I’m sure all of you would be-hmm, I think I’ll encourage Ethan to encourage Tobin).  While I’m thinking this, Tobin says “and you better not tell Ethan to ask me to do it”!  How did he know exactly what I was thinking?!  I did not say anything but the time came and he didn’t want to so Ethan picked him up and took him to the diving board line, he still didn’t want to so he walked him to the end and basically very gently put him into the water.  Next time, John got on the board with him and “helped” him in, and then he went off by himself.  Can I just say, I loved these instructors-they knew how to be forceful and fun, they knew exactly when to push and when to back down.  They did a great job.  Of course, that night, Kelly took them back to the pool and he jumped off at least 20 times and went down the slide (which he was scared to do too), because “if I can jump off the diving board, I can go down the slide too”.

Swimming to the side

And, Ezra took a diving lesson, and after 2 rounds of instruction could do it:)  That’s our Ezra!



Swim season comes to an end

Over a month ago:(, Marian had the finale of the swim season-the League Meet (an all day swim meet with all 5 teams competing together for the big prize!).

Sophia, Allie & Faith came over to help make cookies to take for the day

That evening is the Fire Up dinner, the coaches give the motivational pep talk

the kids make posters

everyone has fun:)

And, the big day, Marian is quite fast enough to earn “points” for her team, but she loves cheering everyone on and did a fine job in her events-25m freestyle, 25m backstroke and a 100m free relay

With an all-day event, there is lots of downtime, there were “camp-out” tents everywhere, it was quite an experience

Kelly brought the boys to watch 2 of her events, it was SOOOOO hot, but I guess not as hot as it had been the week before so we can be thankful for that.

At first, Marian wanted to watch every event from the stands, which I like to do too but it was just too much sun.  Even she wanted to go back to the shade & rest after a while.  We won, in very exciting style, the League Meet last year and we were in the lead for much of the morning until the boys backstroke (I guess we don’t have many boys that age – got to get Ez & Tobin trained for that!).  Anyway, I told her we needed to leave after her last event and we’d come back at the end if there was a chance of us winning again.  The final races with the big kid relays are really fun to watch.  We were so hot & tired, she didn’t even fight me on it.  (btw, there is something really wrong with being “near” a pool in hot weather but not being able to go into the pool!).  And, the first place team was WAY ahead by the end so we didn’t end of coming back-there’s always next year!

Our Cuda’s ended up in 2nd place, a great finish!  And, a great end to a fun season:)

Marian’s new bike

A few weeks ago we decided Marian was ready to ride partially to church with me.  It’s about 12 miles and I frequently do it, with Ezra on the “ride-along” tandem, we figured she could probably handle 5 miles of it so Ez & I left and Kelly met us on the road.  I was so proud of her, she made it with no problem and on an old, single-gear bike with the back tire wobbling a bit. We decided it was time for her first new bike.  We’ve actually never bought a kids bike, we’ve been fortunate to have hand-me-downs from various cousins, found them in the trash or maybe paid $5 at a garage sale.  So, this was a big purchase for us, we told her she had to get a “non-girl” bike because it would be passed down to Ezra when she grew out of it:)

She loves it and is getting used to how much faster she can go:)

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