Ummm, I think I have a book problem . . .

We decided to have a garage sale at the end of August-mostly to rid ourselves of all the excess stuff we have and it seemed the fastest way to get me into gear to go through every room looking for things to sell.

The kids books, I knew it was a bit out of control, and I didn’t officially count but my estimate is about 300 books.  I kept a “special” collection that if you’re younger kids visit, I will happily read to them:)  I kept a decent collection of picture books.  And, I can’t believe how many early readers I had-even though I have 2 “early readers” I found 30 of them to give away to a friends daughter who is just starting out teaching 1st grade:)  I think I sold close to 100 of them, and I’m bringing a box to my MOPS meeting to hopefully give away.  The shelves looked a bit barer, and then I promptly bought 8 more books at the next garage sale.  I just LOVE kids books-what can I say:)

Farm Visit

Met some friends at a farm & park (a few weeks back).  It was a lot of kids . . .

I think there was horse & poop involved in this laughter

Tobin & his kindergarten pals

and, then we went to a Jr Explorer program and learned about camouflaging, I did learn something new but now, a month later, I can’t remember;(

and, a hike for some “hiding” games

Festival & Parade

Headed back to my families to get Marian and to spend a couple days at the festival that was going on.

On Thursday night, there was a no cost soccer kids soccer fun night.  They put kids on teams and played 4 on 4-Ezra was in his glory

Here, he just scored (the girl to his right was good and had blocked his goals a couple times before)

and the celebratory fist pump (he gets pretty excited!)

Mari, surprisingly wanted to play as well.  To be honest, she’s not very good but as I watched her, she was cheering her team on, offering encouraging words and being there for her team-I was proud of her:)

These two were a bit bored after awhile

They did find a way to amuse themselves with aluminum foil hot dog wrappers

On Friday, we spent the morning garage sale hopping and found some great bargains and then went to the festival in the afternoon

Alyssa & Ezra are like 2 peas in a pod when we get together

Chris, Brady & Troy played a little laser tag, I missed the shot of him laying on his belly (he’s pretty serious about this!)

and we played some miniture golf

This was probably the best 25 cents I’ve spent in a long time

And, these were the find of the century-a pair of Keens, looked like they had been worn twice for 50 cents!  I almost felt bad buying them for that cheap!

Tiny pet frogs

And, on Saturday morning is the big parade.  You never know what you’ll see at this small town, country parade.  This group of hospital workers is an annual favorite, they do an army-like chant & dance with these plastic umm, yes that’s what they are

This lady was lovely to watch

And, my favorite this year-a bail bondsman, who gave away frisbees.  We also collected ears of corn, peppers, fertilizer, bottled water, LOTS of candy and many other odd things that I can’t remember anymore.

And, then we visited my grandpa:)

Mari’s trip to camp, the boy’s trip to Aunt Trisha’s/Grandma & Grandpa’s, and our trip alone

Have you noticed that Marian has been missing from some posts?  Well, she spent the first week of August at kids camp (4-6th graders)-she LOVED it of course, no pictures because I forgot the camera (when does that ever happen!).  I think Kelly may have a picture from his iphone-I’ll check on that later.  Then she spent a week at Grandma’s/Aunt Trisha’s.  Ezra said he didn’t miss her, Tobin said he missed her because “she’s really good at Angry Birds”, which she rarely plays but I think that was his way of saying he missed her.  It was certainly different without her for 2 weeks.

The day we dropped Marian off for camp, we found ourselves on Sunday needing lunch-I wanted nachos and brainstorm, the boys love nachos, Marian doesn’t.  We sat at a local restaurant/bar watching the ballgame & eating nachos.  We decided it would be our tradition whenever Marian wasn’t with us:)

On Thursday, we dropped the boys off at Aunt Trisha’s house and Kelly & I headed up to camp to stay at Aunt Faye & Uncle Al’s condo for some alone time.  We had a wonderful time, exploring the areas around camp that we never see.  I made Kelly go on a 16 mile bike ride, not sure he’ll ever do that again-messed up his back, I just told him he needed to do it more often so he was used to it!  We did some golfing, eating out, wandering some little towns.

Meanwhile, Ezra was having such a great time with Troy that he spent the 2nd night there instead of going to G & G’s house.  I guess they spent all day making a putt putt course-which I never really saw because it rained:(.

We picked up Marian on Saturday morning and drove back to Mom & Dad’s house and spent the night and then left Marian with them.  My niece Alyssa came also so the two of them and sometimes Noelle had a great time together (Mom has good stories).

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