Mari Day

For Mari day we went “Letterboxing” like geo-caching but you follow clues instead of coordinates.

This one started out easier because it’s a park we visit a lot so I knew where all the initial landmarks were

130824_MariDay_016 130824_MariDay_021

Ezra, looking super excited about finding it!


And, as an incentive to those not as enthusiastic about it, we always get ice cream afterwards


Cedar Point & other silliness

No, we didn’t have some special frigid winter access, this is from August!


Love this place and couldn’t wait to share it with the whole family (our first time all here together)


Mari & Ezra going on the Windseeker, I can’t do “swing” things anymore and this is like a swing 30 stories high-no thanks!  But they loved it.


Tobin wanted me to ride the little rides with him, I don’t really care for these anymore but for him & that sweet smile, I’ll suffer130822_CedarPoint_002

There were virtually no lines, but the sad thing — I was getting headaches during the roller coaster rides, this is new for me and made me not want to ride as many times as we could have.  So, we felt like we had enough before it closed (also not like me at all), and got some swimming in at the hotel water park that night.

We did some more water park in the morning and then headed out.

The silliness . . . we stopped at a little animal park, cheese at it’s best!  They gave us a bag of feed and sent us out back into a gravel, fenced in parking lot looking thing–oh, and warned us that the deer would try to steal the bags;)


Looking for more


And, then Tobin started running and they started chasing


So funny, Tobin was cracking up laughing


Love these creatures, kept adjusting my angle to get rid of the fencing & buildings



130823_CedarPointTrip_203 130823_CedarPointTrip_201

This sweet little thing was making us laugh too, he was the tiniest goat


and he kept picking fights with everyone


they had a stocked fish pond that you could fish in too


Stopping for ice cream


This guy was waiting for us at the table


Tobin Day

Back in August, we do a day for each one where they get to make some meal choices and pick some activities for the day.

Cool crown they made


I don’t have hardly any pictures and I’m pretty sure I have written down what he wanted to do??  It definitely involved screen time;)

I had a softball game, so they all came to that–check the boys out, I snapped a picture before telling them to come down!


We wrapped up the day at the pool, it was late but Tobin really wanted to go so we cooled off and had a short swim and a snack of course.


Gaelic Football

This summer the boys got introduced to Gaelic (or Irish) football, friends from the boys soccer team are very Irish and do all things Irish and the dad decided to put a clinic and mini league together.  The boys learned the very interesting rules quickly and had a lot of fun.  Since we met on Sunday’s from 4-6, the mom’s coordinated themed dinner potlucks.  It was really HOT, so the kids cooled off in the park spray park and then had dinner. It was great fun:)

130804_GaelicFootball_017  130818_GaelicFootball_087 130818_GaelicFootball_081 130804_GaelicFootball_033

Their youngest daughter, so sweet


Marian brought her balloons one day and made them for everyone.



Suddenly I realized Marian was over 11 years old and really couldn’t do anything for herself in the kitchen, cookies seemed in order.  The boys helped, and the 3 of them basically did it by themselves.


Tobin was an excellent stirrer


And, Ezra, very precise in his measuring

130816_MakingCookies_009 130816_MakingCookies_015 130816_MakingCookies_023

And, hmmm, as I’m looking at these pictures I’m wondering what Marian actually did?  Excellent supervisor!


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