Marian day

My good friend Mary gave us this idea a couple of years ago.  Sometime during the summer, each child gets their own special day-get to pick the activities, meals, etc.  We always end up forgetting about this so we had 3 special days in a row the week before school started.  Better late than never, right!

She made herself a crown and wore it all day:)

We visited our favorite village and Kelly met us there for lunch

This is probably the best carousel picture I’ve ever gotten there!

Tobin was taking advantage of Becky’s kindness.  I’m not even sure how he wedged himself in there

And, this turkey looks pretty comfortable roaming around the farm now, but I’d be hiding in about 2 months if I were him-it is a working farm

And, when we were all done, Ezra actually said “take a picture of me here” – I almost fainted

Wish I could remember what we had for dinner?

Christmas in August?

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a  “traditional” Christmas celebration in my family so it shouldn’t really be much of a surprise to me that this year it was suggested that we have Christmas in August-I was totally opposed to it but said we were willing to try.  It was a luau themed party, and, I have to admit, it was great watching the kids outside playing in their bathing suits, enjoying the warm weather, grilling outdoors and hanging out “outside” instead of cooped up with 30 people inside the house.  My parents even rented two inflatables for the day.

All the kids in front of their presents, we joked that it felt like we were celebrating in Florida or Hawaii

Trish & I both looked worriedly at each other as Mom & Dad got a gift from Tara (and family), “you got them a gift” we both said at once.  Tara was instantly raised to the top of the “favored child” list – my parents have NO favorites but we like to joke about it.  Trish & I were worried until they opened the “gag” gift:)

After the present opening, Trish, Tara & I snuck into the bounce house-love those things

Ez got some Pugg soccer goals so had to immediately get a game going

Of course, they had to have a gator ride, not sure who likes it more, the kids or my dad!

At one point, I walked by the garage and there sat Kaston & Tobin by themselves at the table, each holding a hot dog, nothing else on their plates-it was pretty funny.

The big “littles” helping Dakota try out his new trike

And, we got a kick ball game in at the end of the day:)

My mom wanted some family pictures in front of the barn around the tractor

And, I had Trish take a few shots of Kelly & I as well

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