Ways to stay active with your kids and keep them (and you) from getting “soft”.  This is just as much for me as for you!

  • Play leap frog throughout the house
  • Walk in the rain and stomp in puddles
  • Wrestle
  • Use your kids as weights and do exercises (I’ve been doing these since my 18 year old niece was about 3)
  • Take a hike
  • Ride your bikes to the library (or anyplace)
  • Make a leaf pile and jump in with them
  • Make a snowman
  • Go sledding
  • Crunch through the fall leaves (love that noise)
  • Play tag
  • Dance to some fun music (they don’t care about how silly your moves are!)
  • Get some instruments and march around the house in a parade
  • Make an obstacle course
  • Let the kids jump off furniture and into your arms (great for the pecs)
  • Have a pillow fight

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