I saw someone else do this and it looked fun, so here goes . . .

  • I love to give stuff away
  • I once touched a pigs brain (hanging from our shop prior to being butchered)
  • Jesus is my boss & rescuer
  • I don’t like to clean but I do like to organize
  • I’m the most disorganized organized person ever
  • I LOVE to worship God in song
  • I like almost any kind pizza (even cheap freezer ones)
  • I believe being full has nothing to do with whether you want to eat dessert
  • I’m madly in love with my husband
  • I love to take pictures of babies, especially newborns
  • I learn by doing
  • I think Excel is the most awesome piece of software ever invented, although Photoshop Elements is a close 2nd
  • I have a short attention span
  • I got a birdie on a par 3 hole (176 yards) the first time I was ever on a real golf course and it’s pretty much been downhill ever since
  • I make the most awesome peanut butter cookies
  • I have seen Jaws at least a hundred times
  • I’ve been to a wide variety of concerts (in my younger days) that range from Air Supply to Earl Klugh to Quiet Riot to Randy Travis to Pink Floyd to Hiroshima to Point of Grace to Elvis Costello and lots more
  • I think the movie Tremors is hilarious
  • It’s hard for me to resist a cookie
  • I’ve lost about a hundred pounds with Weight Watchers (counting 2 pregnancies)
  • I know a lot of people
  • On September 30, 1997 when I gave my life to Jesus, not only did the angels celebrate (as it says in scripture) but I believe God put his hands in the air and said “Finally, my stubborn child!”
  • I have a heart for moms with young children and pray that God gives me a ministry in this area
  • I think everyone in the US should visit a third world country on a mission trip (not a vacation)
  • I was a cheerleader for 6 years
  • I grew up on a farm (pigs, cattle and crops)
  • My dad is still farming (about 850 acres but no more animals)
  • I’m a better Mom when other kids are around
  • I love to ride my bike
  • I believe kids should be outdoors playing more
  • I think we’ve gone a little (ok a lot!) overboard with kids sports
  • I believe the Bible is 100 percent true and the very words of God
  • I love the beach but don’t really like to lay out in the sun
  • I’m fascinated with big waves
  • I used to watch the storms roll in with my Dad (I miss that)
  • I also watched the grain commodities and discussed whether he should sell or wait
  • My Mom went to every single one of my softball games and I never appreciated it (I do now!)
  • I took a year of modeling classes in high school, drove a bus 2 hours every other Saturday
  • I’m a little scared to be in the ocean (probably from seeing Jaws so many times)
  • I tried scuba diving once and totally freaked out during the practice
  • I went to Managua, Nicaragua on a mission trip and it was an amazing experience
  • I can visualize a scrapbook page (or what I’ll write in my blog) when I take a picture
  • I love dark chocolate–it’s healthy right!
  • I pretty much only drink water
  • I played 1st base in high school and batted clean-up with a .447 batting average my senior year
  • In probably 20 years of playing, I’ve never hit a homerun
  • I knew after 10 days of knowing Kelly that we would either be married or he’d break my heart  
  • I love any movie about a true sports story
  • My favorite TV show of all time is Law & Order
  • I don’t know the name or artist of hardly any songs (the complete opposite of Kelly)
  • I’m very impatient
  • I don’t have any fear of public speaking, unless I’m talking about myself then I turn red and splotchy
  • I like every vegetable except brussels sprouts & cauliflower (maybe kale, oh and radishes)
  • I like my steak medium rare
  • Holding babies in the church nursery is a joy
  • I’m really close to my sisters
  • God has blessed me with an amazing group of siestas or G-friends (God -friends as Michelle calls them) that keep me straight, hold me up, make me a better child of God
  • I never used to like being alone, now I really cherish it
  • I was in the Mint Festival Pageant-didn’t win or even make the finals
  • I was in a really wretched relationship before God rescued me
  • I have 15 nieces & nephews (aged 1-20)
  • I have 40 aunts & uncles (I think) and so many cousins I couldn’t begin to count them all
  • My nose wiggles when I talk (or rather sort of goes up & down)
  • I have an MBA that I completed when Mari was 5 months old and had just retired from full time employment
  • I seriously doubt anyone is going to read all 100 of these “things”
  • I am truly amazed by God’s creativity & hugeness (is that a word)
  • I can’t go under water without plugging my nose, although I’m a pretty good swimmer
  • Before I had kids, I could get any baby to stop crying then along came Mari
  • I never know what’s going on in the world because I don’t watch the news or read the newspaper or anything else.  I find out occasionally from Kelly.
  • The only daytime television I watch is children’s PBS programming
  • I love going to the movies, but hate that there are so few appropriate choices
  • My current favorite verse is Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it”
  • I tried out for the Chippettes in college but didn’t make it
  • I owned a big house while in a bad relationship that God rescued me from
  • Kelly moved into my house after we got married
  • I was really into “swing” dancing for awhile
  • I can’t believe I have to come up with 23 more things
  • I eat ice cream almost every day (just a little of the low fat stuff)
  • My favorite color is red
  • I’ve won 2 hula hoop contests (as an adult)
  • I’m very competitive
  • When Jesus rescued me (have I mentioned that?), I immediately stopped getting horribly angry in traffic
  • I continue to pray that God will help me with my sharp tongue and angry words
  • I believe a baby is a baby at conception and deserves our protection
  • I had 6 years of organ lessons & played clarinet for 5 years-I can read music but that’s about it
  • I sometimes dance with my kids, I think I should do it more often
  • I can watch almost any sport except hockey & soccer
  • I LOVE the Olympics and will watch anything, even table tennis and curling
  • I seriously doubt anyone is going to read all these
  • If you do, leave a comment and I’ll send you a candy bar
  • Speaking of candy bars, my favorite is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • We don’t have cable or satelite TV
  • I like to put 1000 piece puzzles together
  • I made baby food for all my kids and Ezra especially ate some crazy combos–spinach/prune & asparagus/pear
  • I would call myself a bike helmet Nazi, my kids, my husband & myself all wear helmets even if we’re just going around the block
  • I’m pretty skeptical
  • If you ever want me to NOT buy something, tell me I have to buy it now for this price
  • I love making announcements, greeting cards, invitations in Photoshop
  • I haven’t bought a birthday card in about 8 years (used to “stamp” really nice ones, now I just let the kids color something)
  • I can be quite bossy, just ask my sisters (or I guess anyone that knows me)

Wow, I can’t believe I made, perhaps you did too:)


Okay, I read them all. You can leave my candy bar with Mom this weekend…why are there only 93???? I think I could come up with a few for you…

You can watch Olympic table tennis and curling, yet not hockey? We have to work on that. You know where to find me to drop off the candy bar. Please don’t leave it with your Mom.

haha I want my candy bar too! 😉

Trenda you are amazing; so creative, and I’m lucky to have you as an aunt! so many hobbies…where do you get the time?!

p.s. I wish I didn’t get angry in traffic hehe it’s pretty bad but with my new car I don’t have a horn…Im thinking I’ll be doing a lot of yelling..

I’ll accept my candy bar anytime from you, my clarinet playing, dark chocolate loving, pizza junkie sister! There were more we had in common but after so many my attention span was depleted. Oh I think that was another one. oxoxo !

I’m going to try this one!! And speaking of competitive, I’ll make sure I come up with at least one more than you. You are so creative, you were always the one with the ideas in high school. BTW, I like Almond Joy. So the next time I have one, I’ll remember that it’s from you.

I can’t believe that you did not confess to biting your oldest friend on the school bus I will count that as #101. I would like my candybar hand delivered so that I can have it with a hug. It has been another month where I could use a good hug. Call me sometime.

ok, so Kelly shows me this blog all the time, it is awesome!… I just stumbled on this list. It is a good one! I will have to try it sometime. Send my Reese’s Cup in with Kelly. LOL I would love to try the one with peanuts in it, have you seen that? Yummy!

Ok, I was on the website admiring the beautiful pictures of Jessica again 🙂 I just had to tell you that I did read all of the list! I like reeses too…… LOL. This blog thing seems like a good idea!

Just notice this part of your blog and I read them all. Very cool. I’m so proud to have you as my Big Sister. You are a wonderful person!

YOu are welcome to:) We got rid of it 2 1/2 years ago and I have never regretted it, best decision ever! Although, watching the Olympics without it is a bummer.

OK, I decided to check out your blog and happened upon this. This is great! Lol… I didn’t read them all, mainly because I slept poorly last night and my eyes are burning, but really enjoyed what I read! We have a lot in common! 🙂

Hi Trenda! Awesome blog! With great pictures! You have an amazing camera!! I too read all of them! Very interesting and fun! I do like Twix, Snickers and Kit Kat candy bars so take your pick ;-)! Is that “reward” still valid??? LOL!!

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