Several months ago I prayed for God to help me see the little joys of motherhood, boy did He answer . . .

  • The proud look on Ezra’s face after he comes out of his room dressed all by himself (11.25.08)
  • Tobin singing “Jesus loves me” (11.24.08)
  • Three kids in footy pajamas (what is it about those jammies that is so sweet?) (11.23.08)
  • Watching Ezra make his first snow angel (11.16.08)
  • Hearing Tobin shout out God, Moses, Pharoah, Jesus, Aaron to any Bible related question (11.16.08)
  • Mari reading to Tobin & Ezra (11.16.08)
  • Ezra telling me today at least 15 times that “you’re the best” (11.14.08)
  • Catching a whiff of Tobin’s freshly washed curls (11.14.08)
  • Watching the pure joy on Mari’s face as she heads off to school (11.14.08)
  • Tobin’s perfect pucker kisses (11.13.08)
  • Getting a great report from Mari’s teacher during conferences (11.12.08)
  • Ezra giving me a hundred kisses pretending he was a kissing plant (11.10.08)
  • Tobin waking up from his nap with sweaty curls (11.9.08)
  • Mari observing that the┬átires in the Veggie Tales Moe movie probably represents the blood on the doors of the Passover (11.9.08)


I just had to get on here and read your little joys. What a great idea you shared today! I love your whole blog too! I’ve been wanting to start one…maybe I’ll pick your brain about it later. But I want to make sure that I’m recording and remembering our “little joys” too. Thanks for the encouragment that you were to me today!
Becky :o)

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