Kelly & I created one after seeing the movie.

Here’s mine, God willing of course:):

  • See an Olympic sporting event
  • Climb a mountain (big or small)-DONE at Olympia National Park, September, 2010
  • Complete a triathlon-DONE: 8.29.09
  • Go to a baseball game in each MLB stadium
  • See the Crand Canyon-DONE, January 2012
  • Go on an African Safari
  • Sell a photograph (portrait or other) – DONE:¬†April, 2009 (to Kelly Buckberry – Paige’s first communion pix)
  • Shoot under 50 (for 9 holes!)
  • Get a hole-in-one (ok that’s really out there but I seriously believe I can every time I’m at a par 3 hole)
  • Witness Kelly getting a hole-in-one (that’s probably more realistic)
  • Kayak a real river
  • Learn to swim correctly-DONE: June 2009
  • Grow a vegetable garden (more than 2 vegetables)-DONE: Summer 2009
  • See really BIG waves (like at least 20 feet)
  • Camp in a tent (as an adult)
  • See an alligater in the wild (safely)
  • Learn to sew (like with a machine)


I’ll probably add & change as time goes one:)

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