Wanted a place to keep all these priceless treasures


Tobin (after being all frustrated with his socks) — they’re not being helpfully

Tobin (saying letters from inside a slide-graffiti) — t t u b y m s s i k

Ezra (after waking up this morning and giving me kisses) — I would be glad to give you 3 kisses — 3.9.09

Tobin (with 2 tinkertoy sticks skipping/dancing through house strumming like he’s playing a guitar) — rock and roll, rock and roll — 3.9.09 

Tobin (just to be funny) — did somebody say chicken? (I have no idea where it came from) –3.3.09

Tobin (after changing his mind about wanting cheese curls for his bedtime snack) — actually, those are kind of messy for me — 3.3.09

Mari (after showing a picture of G & G’s new house in AZ on Google maps) — wow, that looks hot — 2.28.09

Ezra(after he tried on some size 6 pajamas that were a bit too big) — these don’t really work for me — 2.26.09

Ezra (running with Mari looking for a place to land his airplane) — In here, it’s all shiny — 1.3.09 (we had just cleaned the living room so this meant to us — ok, let’s destroy this room now!)

Tobin (when I got my camera out) — no, don’t take any pictures (as he’s throwing puzzle pieces at me) — 1.1.09

Tobin (after Kelly asked him if he wanted to jump off the diving board) — no, that sounds dangerous — 12.18.08

Ezra (singing ho, ho the mistletoe) — toe, toe, the missing toe — 12.15.08 

Ezra (noticing my lipstick-I never wear it!) — hmmm, I like your lips, different — 12.13.08

Ezra (tasting sour cream) — hmmm, different — 12.9.08

Ezra wanted to watch the previews of a video — can we please watch the appetizers? — 12.8.08

  • Ezra (pushing Tobin away) — “Tobin! Go change your diaper” (you guessed it – poopy again, are you noticing a theme here!) –11.19.08
  • Tobin — “my poopy again” (seriously about the 10th time in 4 days!) — 11.18.08
  • Tobin comes up the aisle at church during the sermon (he was in the nursery) and announces “my poopy” to us (and everyone within a 20 foot radius) — 11.9.08
  • Ezra (snuggling with a blanket with me) — is that just perfect Mommy, are you nice & cozy now? — summer.08
  • Ezra — there’s something in my shoe that I don’t love — summer.08

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