We celebrated Ezra’s 9th birthday with an Olympic theme–gotta love Pinterest . . .

140215_EzraBirthdayParty_008 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_021

the birthday boys, all 3 have birthdays near Ezra’s

140215_EzraBirthdayParty_036140215_EzraBirthdayParty_023 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_024

These are the medals for the Olympic events


Jess & Shelby & Josh surprised Evan for his birthday, we were so excited for them to be able to come!

140215_EzraBirthdayParty_037 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_041 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_049

A snowboard (the only thing he asked for), more pictures on that later


Let the games begin . . .  we started with a torch run (everyone was such a good sport about participating)

140215_EzraBirthdayParty_097 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_105 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_118

Ezra got to light the big torch (cheetos inside ice cream cones–how can you go wrong)140215_EzraBirthdayParty_120 Awarding the first medals for downhill skiing (on the Wii)140215_EzraBirthdayParty_125 They even broke out and started singing the National Anthem

140215_EzraBirthdayParty_129 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_137

And, the 2nd medals for the ski jump (also on the Wii).  Yes, Kelly won the gold for both


A break for cake



And, the final event–the biathlon, we have been loving the Olympics and the announcer for all the cross country skiing events is so animated he makes everything exciting, so we thought it would be to try to do a biathlon (cross country skiing & rifle shooting).  We decided we could get our snow shoes out and have people make a snowball and try to knock down a solo cup.  And, if you miss, you have to do a penalty lap around the sand box.140215_EzraBirthdayParty_175 140215_EzraBirthdayParty_188

Evan decided to enter at the last and blew the field away!


Marian was the only one who was able to knock over the cup–and she was running in a long flowing skirt!  Totally cracked me up, no picture though:(

Thanks again to our family for participating in all our silliness.  Ezra had a great afternoon!



Well.. I LOVE EVERYTHING about this party!! So clever and fun and a fantastic group of partiers! Happy 9th Ezra! (Almost didn’t recognize tall, looking-so-grown-up, Tobin!)

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