I’m officially crying uncle on my blog, with seemingly no hope of going back and catching up . . .  so on Wednesday this past week we took some friends to visit my parents farm, their 3 year old Micah is quite enamored with large farming equipment and when they found out that my dad has a real working combine, they asked if they could visit.  When I was a kid, I just took this place for granted, but now I love taking people to visit.  We wanted to take one vehicle so Tobin volunteered to stay with Grandma and then visit his friend Dugan (so that’s why he isn’t in any pictures) and Kelly had to work.

It was cold, really cold, my dad had everything put away for the winter, but he got one of the tractors out for rides and the kids got to climb in the combine.

Micah sitting in the combine


sitting in the combine wheel


Dad & Adam talking shop


headed out for the tractor ride


David waiting for his turn




A photographer friend suggested a while ago that I photograph our farm, and I had kind of forgotten it until Adam started shooting everything . . . I didn’t have my preferred lens with me but shot some.   Later he went out with Ezra and explored the whole place getting pictures everywhere, some things I hadn’t seen in years.  So, in the spring, I’ll be headed back with multiple lenses and some time to explore!

Here are a few . . .

131127_FarmVisit_036  131127_FarmVisit_034131127_FarmVisit_032      131127_FarmVisit_024 131127_FarmVisit_022

A couple that Adam took

Ezra in the barn (SWEET light!)

Ezra in barn

inside one of the silos, love their awed looks:)

kids in silo

My mom had a veggie tray and chips/salsa out for us, had hot chocolate when we came back in and made us hamburgers for lunch:)  Thanks Mom!

One of my favorite moments is when I was telling Nicole about the elevator in the shop that my Grandpa had built, like probably 60 years ago or something.  I told her it was strictly off limits to us as kids and that I think I’d only been up there once as an adult, but I was sure that Dad had taken the kids up because you know, he’s the grandpa!  Marian and Ezra get back right on cue and say, “oh, let’s have Grandpa take us up in the elevator!”  I asked them how many times they have been up there, a few times (probably a few times more than me!).  We couldn’t go up this time, too cold for it to operate well.

So, we are already planning to come back in the spring so the kids can experience the planting season:)


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