Kelly & I wanted to go to the zoo, the kids never seem to want to go anymore but always have fun when we get there, so we went miniature golfing first (for Ezra). It was really cold and we were the only ones playing, they probably thought we were pretty weird.

As I was trying to correct Tobin’s form, he whacks at it and gets a hole in one, I guess he doesn’t need instruction;)


Marian & I both got hole in ones on this one . . .


And, I observed a most peculiar thing . . . Mari was hitting from both sides of the ball, when I asked her about it, she says “I don’t know, what difference does it make”, we have funny kids!

130420_FamilyFunDay_018 130420_FamilyFunDay_025

Off to the zoo

130420_FamilyFunDay_045 130420_FamilyFunDay_055 130420_FamilyFunDay_128 130420_FamilyFunDay_149 130420_FamilyFunDay_159

The kids took a lot of pictures but I don’t have time to sort through them for the blog, they want to make a Zoo book with their pictures.130420_FamilyFunDay_168 130420_FamilyFunDay_192

When taking this picture of the rhino inside, Ezra asked if I could get rid of the bars out of the shot, (as in Photoshop), made me chuckle and while I think I might be able to it would take a LONG time, so when I’m 80 and don’t have anything else to do, maybe I’ll try.

130420_FamilyFunDay_241 The wolverine was actually out!



These are some of their shots . . .

130420_KCZooVisit_004 130420_KCZooVisit_073 130420_KCZooVisit_086 130420_KCZooVisit_100As expected they had a great time:)


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