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Bird observatory, with guest photographers

After the bird feeders went up, the kids built a bird observatory in the living room, they put a quilt over 2 chairs and took the cushions from the couch and put them in front so there was just a 12 inch gap to view through, perfect for the kids (it hurt my neck though!).  They put the camera, the bird guide book and a spotting scope in there:)

These are pictures they took . . .

their point of view . . .

130412_BirdObservatory_001 130413_BirdObservatory_020

a female cardinal


bird in flight

130413_BirdObservatory_048 130413_BirdObservatory_050

another view


inside the observatory

130415_BirdObservatory_071 130415_BirdObservatory_072

they eventually got bored and i got my couch back, but did have to host some prayer meetings in another room for a couple weeks;)

One Response to Bird observatory, with guest photographers

  1. Christine Krieger says:

    Love this!!! This is the best type of creativity – watching your kids create something out of everyday items in order to observe and enjoy God’s creation!!

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