What is it about painting that sends many of us moms running?  It’s kind of like play doh, you know it’s good for them, you philosophically really like the idea but you KNOW the mess it’s going to make and for how long will it hold their attention?  All these things weigh in my mind when they ask to paint!  But, they had worked on cleaning up the art room with Kelly (it had exploded in glitter and other messes and I had banned them from it).  So, I got them set up, don’t they look sweet working together.  And, while it didn’t last long, they finished a hodge podge painting that we used to wrap a birthday present in (I never have gift wrap!).

130216_FamilyFunDay_004 130216_FamilyFunDay_011

Marian has been playing with Littlest Pet Shop stuff for years, wonder when she’ll get bored with it?  I’m thankful not yet;)


And, the boys played each other in soccer this afternoon.  When we signed them up for winter futsal we didn’t realize they would be playing in the same age group so they ended up on separate teams so the day came to play each other.  We wondered how this would go, especially with Ezra’s super competitive streak.  We knew from watching the last couple weeks that Tobin’s team was better.

That’s Ezra (#2) and Tobin (white t-shirt) running right with him trying to stop him from scoring (Ezra still scored)

130216_FamilyFunDay_095 130216_FamilyFunDay_097

Tobin’s team won but Ezra scored 5 goals in the last 3 minutes of the game to make it closer.

They have a score board set up and as Tobin was out he was just staring at it, knowing he shouldn’t touch it but WANTING to so bad.  Something we’ve always said about Tobin is that he could never be in charge of not pushing a button, it’s almost too much for him. So, we were very proud of his restraint!  Then the coach let him push the buttons when a team scored:)  130216_FamilyFunDay_074

And, a random cute baby!  Just kidding, he is the youngest of a family that we are friends with.  They have kids our kids ages and our 4 boys play together:)


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