We had a small party right after church and then went roller skating (where Ezra invited Jenna & Charlie to join us)

So, if you know my history with birthday cakes, you’ll know that we were pretty excited about how this one turned out:)


Love this picture of Ezra not wanting to have his picture taken!

130210_EzraBirthdayParty_009 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_014

We got him an Action Bible, so far he is through Genesis & into Exodus, highly recommend this:)

130210_EzraBirthdayParty_033 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_044 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_046  130210_EzraBirthdayParty_057 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_071 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_082 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_089 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_105 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_152 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_164 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_167  130210_EzraBirthdayParty_186 130210_EzraBirthdayParty_190

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