Ezra was 8 on February 13th , wowza!  Although for some reason he is always already that next age in my head before he turns it-not sure why?


And, some things about Ezra — he still loves all ball sports, he is a math whiz, he has run 120 miles in mileage club since October, he is one of the taller kids in his class, his 1/2 green left eye is still 1/2 green, his blanket is still close by, he loves to snuggle with me (but not really anyone else), he will sit and watch sports with Kelly, Grandpa K or Grandpa B, I carried him to bed the other night, his very best friends are Jenna & Charlie, he is great at memorizing scripture, he wants a dog, he’s really good at putting shoes/clothes/coats away but keeps a messy room, and some favorite things . . . show: Wild Kratts, sport: soccer, book: Action Bible, color: blue, food: Daddy’s pancakes, subject in school: math, recess activity: mileage club, animal: cheetah, hobby: soccer & art, place: church camp, game: Twister.



This photo of Ezra and the balloons is fantastic!! Love reading about his 8-year-oldness and who he is right now!

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