For most of you, this is no big deal but for me it is!  I had a few minutes to kill last night waiting for Kelly to come so decided to do a search on my name to see what came up.  I found another Trenda with a blog so started reading and she was asking for napping advice for her child–well, you all know that I have an opinion about everything so I posted a comment on her blog with some thoughts, and gave her the address to my blog.  She responded (you can see her comment on my last post), we not only have the same name but we both love scrapbooking, finding bargains and feed our kids healthy smoothies. Oh, how small our world has gotten.

Ezra made a picture for Kelly this morning and said we could “put it on our website”:)  I took him to his 3 year check up and everything is good, he did not say a word–I had to assure the doctor that he was indeed talking and very well.  It was funny because as soon as she walked out the door, he started jabbering non-stop.

Tobin very clearly (at least to us) asked for his stuffed dog today–it went something like this:  “oahhd  dalsl  diekla  daw dawg”.

Mari beat Kelly in another game of Yahtzee, it seems like her beginners luck should be wearing off by now.

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