New sleds


and fresh snow! Awesome, off to the sled hill a couple houses away:)


The boys spent lots of time working on their new legos from Grandma & Grandpa K, this airport had 703 pieces, Tobin finished his part and had all these leftovers pieces, hmmm?



Kelly started helping at some point, there was a bit of frustration with the missing pieces

121227_SnowChristmasPresents_055 121227_SnowChristmasPresents_089

Marian joined in the fun, they were making up destinations to someplace


Tobin was really quiet in the family room after dinner (with Dick & Sandy), and he brings out the Tennessee Time Waster (he did a perfect job!)


It’s one of the projects in the Lego “contraption kit” he got, we couldn’t figure out why it was called that until we stared at it going around in circles for a LONG time!

And, Grandma helped Marian do her dolls hair.



Wow…love seeing all the creativity, working together, having fun! I’m thinking the Lego kit I recently passed along to you is much TOO SIMPLE/EASY for your advanced Lego guys so, of course, pass it along to a more novice Lego builder!

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