We met Trish & family at Troy’s soccer game which was half way between us and right near the corn maze we met at last year.  We got there just in time to see the end and see him score-Go Troy!

This year, Trish & I decided to give up our own way and stick with Kelly & Chris (last year was quite a disaster, see corn maze 2011 post:(121027_CornMaze_005


And, they’re off, Ez & Troy wanted to go by themselves (maybe next year boys!)


A sign we never saw last year!


I gave Trish the camera for a bit

121027_CornMaze_053 121027_CornMaze_092 121027_CornMaze_117 121027_CornMaze_130 121027_CornMaze_138 121027_CornMaze_148 121027_CornMaze_154

Happy to have mom along this year:)

121027_CornMaze_160 121027_CornMaze_168


Would love to visit this corn maze…where is it exactly. We’ve been to a few over the years but this one sounds really fun and challenging.

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