Both boys played soccer this fall, we loved Ezra’s team last year so signed him up with coach Tom again and decided to have Kelly coach Tobin’s team so we had control over the number and day of practice-and because Kelly is a pretty good soccer player;).  Our first mistake was not realizing that because of Tobin’s late birthday, he would actually be in U6 (Ezra started in U7), and let me tell you BIG DIFFERENCE!  It was an interesting season, I ended up running the practices because for the first time ever, I think Kelly actually “needed” me, he was admittedly completely out of his comfort zone with this group of small people (I happen to really dig 5 & 6 year olds!).  But, we really only had one kid on the team who actually focused on playing/scoring/defending, some would do ok during practice but then stay as far away from the ball on the field as possible, it was pretty ugly, we generally got beat 20ish to 1.  Not sure when but Tobin scored a goal and then he was all in, and was playing pretty well so that helped give our good player someone to play with.  There were lots of tears, lots of coaxing away from parents onto the playing field, lots of pep talks, and honestly, pure exhaustion from Kelly & I.  And, because it’s a fall/spring season, we get to start it all over again in April:0, but they all improved greatly during the year and will be a whole 6 months more mature:)


Here’s Tobin about to score . . .


Ezra’s team on the other hand, won every game except one and he continues to amaze us with his very natural ability


Here he is scoring one of many goals


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